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Faith Hill Says She Was Grossed Out Growing Armpit Hair for ‘1883’

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame)

Taylor Sheridan had a specific request for country music star Faith Hill before 1883 shooting began. He needed her to stop shaving her armpits.

Courtney Cox interviewed Faith Hill for the Variety series “Actors on Actors.” Cox asked Hill if she had to make the change for accuracy to the time period. Hill said that Sheridan called her and her husband Tim McGraw before shooting began to make the request.

“That was really difficult,” the Mississippi native shared with Cox, an Alabama native. “Taylor actually called my husband. We were at a wedding–our nephew’s wedding. He said, ‘Who’s gonna be the one to tell your wife that she has to stop shaving under her arms?’ And I’m thinking, ‘What? We’re at a wedding. Can this wait?'”

It couldn’t, Sheridan assured.

“He said, ‘No. Stop tonight,'” she said. “Seriously? Can’t they just tape something on? Surely they have that.”

Cox suggested that some of the men wore beards. “Thank you,” Hill interjected. See the full clip below.

Cox said it’s not something that she could even do due to laser removal. Faith Hill suggested that could be her way out of it in the future.

“It really grossed me out,” Hill said. “I have to say. With all due respect to those that love that. Freedom. Woo! All that. For me, I just don’t [want that].”

Faith Hill’s Main Concern About ‘1883’

The armpit hair wasn’t Faith Hill’s first concern, according to McGraw. Her real-life husband recently told The Hollywood Reporter that her main concern was if she’d get to shoot someone.

“‘Do I get to be in a shootout?'” McGraw recalled.

In the series, the couple portrays James and Margaret Dutton. Sheridan wanted McGraw to be a part of the Yellowstone cast, but McGraw wanted to ensure that the characters had range beyond country music. Within a couple of weeks, Sheridan had created the role that McGraw wanted. After shooting a few “flashback” scenes, the studio decided that it wanted to buy an entire season for the spinoff.

More Reservations About ‘1883’

Faith Hill wasn’t even sure that she wanted to act again. She recently joined The Kelly Clarkson Show and conceded that she was much more concerned about music and her family.

“My career took off, no time, had babies, and I had done a couple of things,” she said. “I did Stepford Wives with an amazing cast. But it wasn’t the best experience, so I said I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever do another, anything like that, a movie.”

Ultimately, Sheridan’s work was too much for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw to resist. And he’s clearly a good salesman.

“The script was so well written,” she said. “I had honestly never read anything like that.”