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Five Country Music Stars We’d Love to See on ‘Yellowstone’

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/WireImage/Getty images )

With rumors swirling about potential new cast members and fans still eager to learn the fates of their Dutton Ranch favorites, we’ve compiled five country artists we think could absolutely crush a cameo in Paramount’s Yellowstone. The show’s soundtrack highlights the beauty of country, western, and bluegrass music, so it only makes sense that a few iconic country singers show up on the screen as well. From Carrie Underwood’s farm roots to Willie Nelson’s cowboy lyrics, here are the five country stars we would love to see on Yellowstone

Reba could be a rodeo role-model for the barrel racing girls or a mother-figure for the Bunkhouse boys, perhaps. Her sarcasm and wit are sure to fit in with the personalities and her genius in the ranching lifestyle would play perfectly to legendary quotes of advice.

“Pretty sure Mike thinks he’s Rip,” Underwood hilariously captions the post. If her hunting-loving, hockey-playing hubby is Rip, does that give Carrie the role of Beth???

The ‘Before He Cheats’ singer didn’t stop her Yellowstone posts in July, though. Following the season three finale, she rushed to Twitter in shock and frustration, like many others. “Well, crap, @Yellowstone. Y’all are gonna play us all like that?!” she wrote after watching the action-packed, jaw-dropping last ten minutes of ‘The World is Purple.’

Carrie Underwood would be an absolute highlight on the show. Underwood grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, so the Yellowstone lifestyle would be far from an act for her. Though Carrie says she never expected to marry a hunter, perhaps her Yellowstone character would fall for a bunkhouse boy… Could she be a love interest for Walker? Maybe a friend visiting Teeter from Texas? Whatever it is, we want to see this Yellowstone mega-fan find her way onto the Paramount show.

Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker, began his journey with Yellowstone as a musician. He was written into the script by Taylor Sheridan after Sheridan heard of his rodeo past. Perhaps Stapleton could be a similar addition, considering his music has been crucial to dramatic scenes in the show. Plus, he’d be the perfect musical addition to Walker’s bunkhouse performances.