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Forrie J. Smith of ‘Yellowstone’ Gives Cheers for ‘Big Things to Come’

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramoint Network / Viacom

Forrie J. Smith, known to Yellowstone fans as ranch hand Lloyd Pierce, is teasing at something big to come in his latest (amazing) Instagram photo. But what, exactly?

“Happy Monday! Here’s to big things to come!” the Yellowstone star captions his post on Instagram. This isn’t just any post, however. It’s a damn fine photo of Smith looking every bit the true-to-life cowboy he is!

But is there more to it? Is Smith hinting at Yellowstone Season 4… or a possible sponsorship? Within the photo, the Lloyd actor prominently places a bottle of Oak & Eden whiskey. The two would be a match made in heaven, so it’s worth pondering, right?

What is Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Teasing at?

Take a look at Forrie J. Smith‘s photo below, and let us know what you think!

Smith’s “Second Life” Comes Courtesy of Lloyd Pierce

If there ever was a brilliant “second life” to be had for Forrie J. Smith at age 60 – it’s Yellowstone. Despite whether the star is teasing at a whiskey partnership or not, Paramount’s hit show has become the #1 drama on cable television and is slowly taking over America. As such, he’s set up for the rest of his life – and loving every minute of it.

For proof of the show’s staying power, look no further than Smith’s ranch hand: Lloyd Pierce. The old-timer, played to perfection through Smith’s life experiences, is one of the show’s best personalities, secondary or not. This is good for both fans and Lloyd, as he’s in it for life as one of Yellowstone‘s brand holders.

Smith has been around for Yellowstone since Season 1, too. He’s come all the way from a guest-speaking role and horse-wrangling behind the scenes – to one of America’s favorite Hollywood cowboys.

“I was a guest star and now I’m on contract,” Smith tells RodeoNews of his work as Lloyd on Yellowstone. “I’m the cow boss. We started shooting season three the first week of August, and just finished up. It takes 8 days to do an episode.”

What’s to Come For Lloyd in Season 4?

As for what the character’s future might hold, however, Smith remains tight-lipped. Fans are hopeful for an explanation of Lloyd’s brand – the oldest on the Ranch – in Season 4. But will we get anything of the sort?

“Well, there’s not much that I can tell, except that he’s been there a long time,” Smith tells TVFanatic. “The second episode, when they exposed my brand and introduced me in the script, it said that my brand was older than anybody else in the room. So whatever I did to get there happened a long time ago.”

Forrie J. Smith will return as Lloyd Pierce for Season 4 of Yellowstone this year. Until then, stick with us at Outsider.com for all the latest on our favorite show.