Getting ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ticked 101: Ask Who’s the Leading Male Character

by Leanne Stahulak

It all started with a seemingly innocent Instagram post from the official “Yellowstone” social media account.

To gear up for the premiere of Season 4, the show’s been showing off sneak peeks and trailers featuring our favorite characters. We’ve seen flashbacks to previous seasons, hints of what’s to come, and still photos that remind us who we love and hate to watch on the show.

Earlier this week, the “Yellowstone” account posted a photo of Luke Grimes’ character Kayce Dutton. They captioned it, “We’re here for Kayce Dutton. #YellowstoneTV.” No bias or great claims about Kayce as a character. Nothing to show any favoritism for John Dutton’s youngest son.

And yet, Country Living reported, fans stormed the comments section with their love for Kayce and other characters. It soon started a back and forth as fans argued which of the “Yellowstone” characters they’re most “here for.”

“I cannot wait for season four. I have to know if my favorite cowboy Kayce John Dutton is all right,” one fan commented. Others said similar things like, “We must protect him at all costs!!!” and “I hope he survived!!”

While a majority of “Yellowstone” fans commented in favor of Kayce, a good number also championed Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) as well. “Naaa, Rip allll the way,” one fan wrote.

“Rip and John more, but yea okay Kayce too,” another said. A different fan followed up with, “He’s cute, but I still on board more for Rip and Ryan…”

Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) also got some love in the comments. “I mean he’s alright! But I’m here for @_jeffersonwhite & @colehauser22!” one fan commented. Even Beth Dutton received several shoutouts. “Damm right! And Beth, she amazing .”

One singular fan wrote that they’re “Team Jamie,” while another person summed up how everyone felt about that. “Isn’t it funny no one would post this for Jamie… poor Wes.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Whether Rip Wheeler Would Take This Character to the Train Station

To pass the time until the new season, several “Yellowstone” fans have come up with theories of what could happen next or how certain character dynamics will play out.

One Reddit user posed a hypothetical question on the site, asking fans whether to pick one of two options or present a third. The question: Would Rip take Beth Dutton to the train station if her father John asked him to?

For the most part, fans leaned heavily towards no. They said Rip’s love for Beth would trump his loyalty for John. They also said it would remind him too much of what his father did to his mother when he was younger. Those are just a few reasons why Rip would refuse to kill off his lady love. Here are a few more.