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Gina Carano Says This ‘1883’ Scene With Sam Elliott Helped Her Cope With Late Friend’s Death

by Shelby Scott
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Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan never fails to amaze audiences with his TV projects, from the brand-new series prequel 1923 to his Sylvester Stallone-starring drama Tulsa King. However, the neo-Western’s original spinoff, 1883, was an instant hit with viewers. Part of the allure was its star-studded cast. The cast included country music duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, as well as Hollywood stalwart Sam Elliott. 1883 primarily followed Hill and McGraw’s Duttons on their journey to settle the Yellowstone Ranch in Montana. But Sam Elliott’s Shea Brennan endured some of the most emotionally heavy scenes of all. Former MMA star and film actress Gina Carano was especially moved by one of Sam Elliott’s scenes in 1883 following the death of her friend last year.

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One of the most memorable and impactful scenes in 1883 was an emotional exchange between Captain Shea Brennan and Isabel May’s Elsa Dutton. Following the death of her beloved cowboy Ennis, viewers watch Elsa mourning him while sitting beside his grave. Sam Elliott’s Shea, wisened by life’s hardships, but especially the loss of his wife and daughter, approaches her, assuring her she’s not alone.

“I know how ya feel,” Elliott’s character tells Elsa. “A lot of people are going to tell you that. Whether that’s the truth or not, I don’t know, but I know it’s true when I say it. I’ve sat right where you’re sittin’, thinkin’ the same thing, thinking, ‘I don’t wanna live without them.'”

1883 fans remember how impactful that scene was not only for Elsa, but also on her relationship with Shea Brennan moving forward in the series. Gina Carano, experiencing the same pain the 1883 characters did, posted about how Sam Elliott’s emotional exchange with Elsa helped her.

Gina Carano Remembers Her Best Friend on His Would-Be Birthday

Addressing her followers, Gina Carano reflected on Sam Elliott and Isabel May’s emotional scene. She wrote in her Twitter post, “I lost my best friend last year.. Today would have been his birthday. I miss him more than words can say.”

Of that special 1883 scene, she continued, “This video helps me today[,] maybe it will help some of you.”

Carano’s followers were quick to offer their sympathy and support.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” one Twitter user said. “I don’t think you truly ever get over it; you learn to live with it and the rules change all the time.”

Of that scene with Sam Elliott, they added, “BTW that’s a beautiful scene from 1883. I’ve seen it half a dozen times already and it never doesn’t gutpunch me.”

A second of Gina Carano’s followers more simply wrote, “Sending you some good vibes and saying a few prayers for you right now.”

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