‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets Gets Season Save With $2.3 Million Haul

by Thad Mitchell

Striking it rich is the name of the game for gold miners on the hit Discovery Channel reality series “Gold Rush.”

There is nothing more exciting for “Gold Rush” fans than seeing their favorite miners unearth the precious metal. Perhaps no one knows more about the ins and outs of the gold-digging industry than veteran miner Tony Beets. He is one of the most successful gold miners of all time, having earned millions by digging up gold. The “King of Klondike” has also seen his fair share of failures over his years in the gold industry. Mining for gold is very much a hit or miss and requires a little luck to make a mining season a success. The upside, of course, is if you do get lucky and strike gold then you can quickly become a rich person. That is a lesson that the “Gold Rush” star knows all too well.

After setting a lofty goal for his operation, Tony Beets’ “Gold Rush” season did not go as planned. The land he was excavating turned out to be not as fruitful as he had hoped. But, in the gold mining business, your luck can change in an instant. That is exactly what happened to Beets and his “Gold Rush” crew. In danger of having an unsuccessful season, Beets and his team hit paydirt to rack up a $2.3 million haul in the nick of time.

Struggling with frozen solid ground and failing equipment, Beets is not optimistic that he can turn the season around. He hits a piece of land known as the “80-pup” where he hopes to have better luck.

‘Gold Rush’ Crew Saves Season With Hard Work and Luck

His gamble pays off as the “Gold Rush” star strikes fertile dirt in the cut. They are able to beat their weekly average and save their season. The gold that they find is worth around $2.3 million, according to Beets. Not bad for a little bit of hard work and luck. Though Beets very rarely shows any emotion, it is easy to see he is happy with the turn of events.

Beets is a fan favorite among “Gold Rush” fans for his tough-mindedness and gold hunting savvy. He’s also got a rather colorful personality and aims very high each mining season.

While mining for gold may sound like a simple activity — it is anything but simple. Gone are the days of taking a sifter down to a small body of water and uncovering the shiny, yellow metal. Beets and his crew, made up of mostly family, use sophisticated machinery to move tons of ground in a day’s work.

“Gold Rush” fans are thrilled for Tony Beets and his team for saving their season. It will soon be on to the next plot of land where they hope to find even more gold.