Happy Birthday Hassie Harrison: Relive the ‘Yellowstone’ Actresses Best Moments

by Atlanta Northcutt

Today, we wish a very happy 31st birthday to Hassie Harrison. Not only is she a fearless barrel racer on Yellowstone, but she is breaking stereotypes by starring as the only female firefighter in an all-male cast on the TV show Tacoma PD.

Hassie took to her Facebook page to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. She posted a photo of herself smiling in a stunning one-shouldered black gown during a red carpet event for truTV’s Tacoma PD.

The caption reads, “Thank you for all the birthday love and sweet wishes. If you want to give me the very best present of all—tune in to #TacomaFD on @trutv March 28th!!”

Before “Yellowstone”

In 2014, Harrison got her first big acting break when she was cast on the show L.A. Rangers, where she portrayed a character, Olivia, on the episode entitled “Brus Brothers.”

Harrison gained her first recurring role in the CW show Hart of Dixie. Between 2014 and 2015, she starred as Lucy in three episodes.

She also appeared in the 2015 horror movie Dementia and made an appearance on The Astronaut Wives Club.

The actress moved on to appear in Southbound, a 2015 horror film, where she played Jem. But Harrison didn’t stop there. She decided that she wanted to try her hand in the recording industry, and the ambitious Hassie did just that. Pop singer Hayley Kioko featured the actress in a short film where Harrison was “Bubblegum girl” Sienna in the “Gravel to Tempo” music video.

Becoming Laramie

Harrison entered the Dutton Ranch bunkhouse during Season 3 of Yellowstone. Harrison’s character added a bit more entertainment with some hijinks of her own.

“Mia and Laramie literally just barrel into the bunkhouse just going their own speed,” adds Eden Brolin, who plays Laramie’s friend Mia.

Harrison’s character, Laramie, is Mia’s dear friend on the Paramount TV series.

“Mia and Laramie are barrel racers,” says Harrison. “Barrel racers are a bit like rockstars where they’re just trying to have a laugh and a good time.”

The girls are described by castmates as causing a ruckus and a lot of energy to keep up with, but in a good, exciting way.

“These new additions make for a really fun dynamic,” says Jefferson White.

Female Power on “Tacoma FD”

Yellowstone catapulted Hassie Harrison to stardom. She never considered leaving the show Yellowstone to focus on Tacoma FD, although filming for both was taking place at the same time.

Hassie Harrison was the only female actress to be on the hit series, but boy, she was more than capable to hold her own against coworkers, firing feisty responses back when necessary.

“It’s so much fun. The guys are so good to me,” she tells Channel Guide magazine while talking about the show. “In some ways, they treat me like a little sister, and then in other ways like I’m just another one of the buds.”