Happy Birthday Kelly Reilly: Celebrating the Beth Dutton Star’s Most Unforgettable ‘Yellowstone’ Moments

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly turns 44 today, and she’s doing better than ever.

Between “Yellowstone” and her recent movie “Eight for Silver,” she’s at the peak of her powers as an actress. And the British-born Reilly has “Yellowstone” fans rooting for her to come swaggering back into their lives as Beth Dutton, the fan favorite character from Taylor Sheridan’s hit show.  

So without further ado, here’s a roundup of some of Reilly’s most memorable moments on “Yellowstone.”

Kelly Reilly Established Beth’s Character Early in ‘Yellowstone’

The early seasons of “Yellowstone” were full of classic Beth Dutton moments. For instance, as we’re just getting to know Beth, we get to watch her eviscerate the CEO of a company that her firm has set its sights on. With her eyes trained intently on his face, Beth lectures him on what she’s going to do to his company if he doesn’t suspend their dividend and turn over control to her firm.

“Don’t look at him,” Beth orders as the man’s eyes slide over toward her boss. “You’re dealing with me now.”

The scene establishes Beth’s character as a cold, ruthless warrior when she needs to be. But as the seasons progress, Sheridan peels back the layers of Beth’s personality. And “Yellowstone” also offers us glimpses of her childhood to explain the woman she became.

For example, even before the flashback to Beth sitting in a bathtub conversing with her mother, there was the unforgettable bathing-in-a-water-trough scene. One morning, Beth saunters out to the outdoor trough stark naked, clutching a bottle of champagne, and climbs in. And that’s where Jamie (Wes Bentley) finds her. He begs her to go inside and put some clothes on. But Beth is thinking of their mother and the anniversary of her death. That and, of course, how much she hates Jamie.

“Every now and then you say something that makes me think you’re smart,” Beth tells Jamie. “And then I look at you.”

Watch a montage of Beth’s best moments from the first two seasons here:

Beth and Rip’s Romance Bloomed in Season 3

Beth and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) spend much of the first two seasons coming together and then falling apart. But in Season 3 of “Yellowstone,” they finally get it together and begin to enjoy some moments of peace. By the end of the season, the two are at last engaged.

Beth and Rip have gone on quite a journey to get to that point. There was Beth’s dalliance with Walker (Ryan Bingham), who Rip plainly wanted to kill. And there was Rip’s exile from his house to the bunkhouse after John Dutton (Kevin Costner) put Kayce (Luke Grimes) in charge. But eventually, the two find a place to call their own and begin to enjoy a bit of sweet domesticity.

On one of their unconventional dates leading up to that point – which for Beth inevitably involve drinking or smoking – Rip stares at Beth, and is about to say something when she cuts him off.

“Don’t say it,” Beth tells him. “It doesn’t mean anything on a roof under stars, like a bunch of f—ing hippies… Tell me when it saves me.”

Watch a highlight reel of Beth and Rip’s “Yellowstone” scenes here: