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Harrison Ford Reveals He Talks Flying with Tom Cruise, Is in Awe of His Stunts

by Craig Garrett
Harrison Ford
(Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage)

Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise have a lot in common. They’ve both been megastars for decades, and an Oscar has alluded to them both. Another thing the 1923 star shares with Cruise is a love of aviation.

During a recent interview, Ford mentioned his and Maverick’s shared passion for flying as their connection. With both actors known to have an interest in the aviation world, it comes as no surprise that they are familiar with each other.

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“I like Tom. We talk about flying,” Ford recently told The Hollywood Reporter.” However, there’s one huge difference between the veteran action stars. “He’s far deeper into physical acting than I ever was,” Ford admits.

Tom Cruise seems to up the ante with his stunt work with each film. Meanwhile, Indiana Jones himself doesn’t mind letting Hollywood magic do its thing. “I don’t mind running, jumping, falling down, rolling around on the floor with sweaty guys,” Ford explained. “Tom takes it to a whole new level that’s pretty amazing.”

Harrison Ford on acting at age 80… and beyond

Later in the interview, Ford reveals he’s not surprised to be so in demand even at age 80. “[Acting is] what I know the most about. I lost my chops as a carpenter. I haven’t ever played fiddle,” Ford quipped. “But I feel comfortable wrestling with how to make behavior out of words on a page and tell a story, and I’m still excited about the prospect of telling a story.”

“I think this is a service occupation — telling stories,” he continued. “We need it. Whether it’s drawing on caves or religious tenets, we love telling stories.”

Indeed, Ford is in high demand. 2023 is proving to be a hallmark year for an actor with a ton of accolades already under his belt. He’s stepping back into his Jacob Dutton role for the remainder of the current season of 1923 (which has been renewed for a second season). Also on tv, his Apple TV+ comedy series Shrinking recently dropped.

Of course, Ford is still in high demand on the big screen. This summer, he’s slipping on his famous fedora to play Indiana Jones again. He’s also stepping into the superhero genre by playing Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross (a character played by 1883‘s Sam Elliot in 2003’s Hulk). He’s set to play the character in a few upcoming Marvel projects, including Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts.

As far as keeping up with his younger co-stars, Ford seems to have a healthy point of view. “I like playing an old guy,” he explained. “If I wasn’t having a good time, I would stop doing it.”