Has ‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner Ever Won a Golden Globe?

by Keeli Parkey

Kevin Costner has starred in numerous beloved films during his decades-long career. These days, the actor is receiving a lot of attention thanks to his role as John Dutton. He plays the famous character on the wildly popular show “Yellowstone.

A few of his movies have earned the actor several award nominations. Kevin Costner has been nominated for his work as an actor, as well as a director, during his career. Among these are six Golden Globe nominations, according to the official website of the awards. Of those six nominations, Costner walked away with two Golden Globe awards.

Kevin Costner’s six Golden Globe nominations include nods for both acting and directing, according to the Golden Globes website. In 1991, Costner was nominated for best actor in a drama for his role in the “Dances with Wolves” film. That same year, the actor was also nominated for best director for his work on “Dances with Wolves.”

In 1992, he received a nomination for best actor in a drama for his role in the movie, “JFK.”

In 1997, Costner received a nomination for best actor in a comedy for his role in the movie “Tin Cup.”

Kevin Costner was also nominated for his role in the television movie “Hatfields & McCoys” in 2013. The show was also nominated for best television movie.

So, which Golden Globe nominations resulted in wins for Kevin Costner? According to the Golden Globes website, the famous actor won in 1991 for best director on “Dances with Wolves.”

He also won in 2013 for best actor in a television motion picture for his role on “Hatfields & McCoys.”

Watch Kevin Costner Accept Second Golden Globe Award in 2013

You can watch Kevin Costner accept his Golden Globe for “Hatfields & McCoys” below.

During the acceptance speech, he takes a look back at the first time he attended the Golden Globes. “… the first time I came into this room was a long time ago,” Kevin Costner says during the speech. “I was an unknown actor. The red carpet, I walked on it, and the bulbs were going and they were flashing and photographers were yelling at the actors to look at them. No one said anything to me. I was just walking and hoping to have some kind of career. …”