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Henry Winkler Shows Love to ‘1883’ Star, Acting Legend Sam Elliott

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Alright, Outsiders. We all know that Henry Winkler is a fan of the Yellowstone spin-off, 1883. But we didn’t know just how big of a fan he actually is.

Henry Winkler was back on Twitter on Thursday evening to hype up another star on the Paramount Plus series 1883. This time, Winkler had his sights set on the one and only, Sam Elliott. Elliott is back in action in 1883 with his long hair, his mustache, and his deep voice that anyone can recognize. The 77-year-old actor plays Shea Brennan, a troubled cowboy.

“How great is this guy in 1883?? Sam I mean,” Winkler asked his fans. At 76-years-old himself, Henry Winkler and Sam Elliott are very close in age.

By the sounds of it, many of Winkler’s followers on Twitter are big fans of 1883 and actor Sam Elliott as well.

“Beautifully done series,” one fan said. “When Sam gets choked up, you get something in your eye and nobody does mad better than him.”

“He’s the Henry Winkler of westerns,” a second person commented. “Always makes me super happy whenever he’s in something I’m watching, does a fantastic job in the role, and still pretty darn handsome.”

“Oh my gosh, isn’t he absolutely amazing?” asked a third fan. “They couldn’t have cast a better actor for the role. Love 1883!”

Henry Winkler Shouts Out Another ‘1883’ Star

Just a couple of days before Henry Winkler gave 1883 actor Sam Elliott a shout-out on Twitter, he actually did the same for Elliott’s co-star Isabel May.

It’s pretty clear that Henry Winkler doesn’t just watch 1883, it’s like he lives and breathes it. To be honest, it’s hard to blame him. All of us over here at Outsider do much of the same. Not only does Winkler think that Sam Elliott is a perfect fit for his role as Shea Brennan, he thinks that Isabel May is perfect for her character as well. If you don’t know, May portrays Elsa Dutton in the popular series.

The official 1883 Twitter account posted a photo of Isabel May in character on Tuesday. Alongside the picture, they wrote, “Isabel May brings so much to Elsa Dutton. #1883TV #ParamountPlus”

That prompted Henry Winkler to retweet the post with a caption of his own reading, “This is an understatement.”

Check it out down below:

If there is anyone that’s qualified to talk about how great other actors are, Winkler is definitely one of them. You probably recall that he played the role of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli on the classic 1970s series Happy Days. In addition, he starred in other popular shows and movies like Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, The Waterboy, Holes, Click, and more.