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Henry Winkler Shows Love To ‘1883’ Star Isabel May

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

As if anyone needed yet another reason to want to watch 1883, are we right? Either way, it seems like Henry Winkler is a big fan of the show.

It’s always cool to see one successful actor hype up another. That’s precisely what Henry Winkler did on Tuesday evening. The Happy Days star replied to a post from the 1883 Official Twitter account’s saying, “Isabel May brings so much to Elsa Dutton. #1883TV #ParamountPlus”

“This is an understatement,” Winkler said.

It’s clear that not only does Henry Winkler watch 1883, he also seems to be a huge fan of Isabel May’s work. May, 21, plays the role of Elsa Dutton on the show. Check out Winkler’s tweet down below:

Now, folks, believe us when we say that if any one person is qualified enough to comment on an actor or actress’s performance, Henry Winkler’s name would be on that list. Winkler, of course, is the man who played Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli on the classic 1970’s series Happy Days. He starred in that role for ten years and as a matter of fact, he went on to own himself two Golden Globe Awards and three Emmy Award nominations. Not too bad, right?

But if you think his impressive resume ends there, you would be wrong. Winkler used his role as the Fonz to springboard him into becoming one of the most prominent actors of the 20th century. You’ve probably seen him in popular TV shows today like Arrested Development, Children’s Hospital, Parks and Recreation, Royal Pains, Barry, and more.

Winkler has also made appearances in plenty of popular films and movies. Some of those include classics like Scream, The Waterboy, Holes, and Click, among others.

Safe to say that this man knows a thing or two about acting.

‘1883’ Star Isabel May Is One of the Show’s Youngest Characters

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Henry Winkler’s glowing compliment of Isabel May is the fact that the 1883 star is only 21 years old.

That’s right, folks — for how good she is right now on 1883, she’s only going to get better with more years and more experience. And working with the likes of Taylor Sheridan, Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill is going to give her some of the best experiences in the industry. Try and imagine five years or ten years from now. What is Henry Winkler going to say about Isabel May then? Only time will tell.

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