Here’s Real Reason Why ‘Yellowstone’ Stars Say the First Ranch Hand Taken to Train Station Had to Die

by Thad Mitchell

Every single fan of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” knows what a trip to the “train station” means for a character on the show.

At the end of this trip, there is no actual train or train station to be found. No, a trip to the train station on “Yellowstone” means your time on the ranch has run out. In the western drama, taking someone to the train station is also code for killing them and disposing of their body. Once at the proverbial station, the victim gets a bullet to the head and their lifeless body is pushed off a high cliff never to been seen or heard from again. It seems cruel, but that is how business is run at Yellowstone Ranch. The only way off the ranch is through the train station. It isn’t a fate anyone wants but it certainly keeps the Ranch’s affairs in order.

In a recent edition of Stories from the Bunkhouse, a couple of “Yellowstone” cowboys discuss the importance of the train station. Taking part in the conversation are Jefferson White (Jimmy), Ian Bohen (Ryan) and Denim Richards (Colby). The three actors also discuss why ranch hand Fred had to take a trip to the train station early in season one.

“Fred is not just a f*** up — he’s against what the ranch is,” Bohen says. “He was demonstrably not part of what we are doing here. Fred is just an idiot.”

Richards also chimes in, saying “If you fall in line, you’re fine.” Obviously, Fred did not fall in line and that earned him a ticket to the train station.

‘Yellowstone’ Ranch Hand Fred is First Train Station Victim

Trouble-making ranch hand Fred is the first person we see taken to the train station back in season one. In one of the most memorable scenes in the entire series, senior ranch hand Lloyd shuttles Fred to his demise.

After driving by the Wyoming state line, Fred becomes curious as to where Lloyd is taking him. Cool as a cucumber, Lloyd informs Fred that they will be arriving at the train station shortly. Lloyd pulls the “Yellowstone” truck to the side of the road near a very steep cliff. He begins tossing Fred’s belongings off the side, much to Fred’s surprise and irritation.

“This ain’t no train station,” Fred says as he watches Lloyd toss his saddle over the ledge.

“Sure it is,” Lloyd replies. “It’s a long black train.”

Lloyd then shoots Fred in the head before kicking him off of the ledge and down the steep cliff. It is a terrific scene that “Yellowstone” fans still talk about frequently. Ranch hand Walker is the only character to survive a trip to the train station when Kayce Dutton decides to spare his life.

With season four just around the corner, fans are curious to see if any characters will be taken to the train station. It seems like a safe bet that we’ve not seen the last of the train station, especially with the events of the third season finale.