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Here’s What ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Expecting To See in Episode 4

by Lauren Boisvert
(Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

“Yellowstone” episode 4 airs tonight, Sunday, Nov. 27, and fans have been speculating and forming theories since last weekend. Episode 3 culminated in a crazy bar fight that ended with Beth hauled away in a cop car. Additionally, Kayce gave up his job as livestock commissioner, and Jamie is totally being suckered by Sarah Atwood. Or is he?

Episode 4 can’t come soon enough, and fans are chomping at the bit to know how things are going to continue to play out. So, what are everyone’s theories for the new episode? Here’s what some fans are expecting from tonight’s episode.

Theories and Expectations for Tonight’s Episode of ‘Yellowstone’

Some fans mentioned Kayce and Monica right off the bat. “What idiocy will Kayce and Monica find themselves neck deep in?” wrote one fan on Reddit. Others replied, “[I’d] wager the dog runs away and Kayce and Monica must find him before the wolves do. Riveting stuff.” The sarcasm is palpable here, of course. Another got straight to the point with their reply. “It’s like we get it, those [two] will never be happy,” they wrote.

With Kayce giving up his position as livestock commissioner to take care of his family, will we see a resurgence of love between him and Monica? Will they band together with Tate to get through their intense tragedy from the premiere? Or will it be more of the same unhappy Monica and Kayce we’ve come to expect? Will those two ever catch a break?

Next, fans had a lot to say about Beth and Jamie’s rivalry. As in, they’re kind of tired of it. According to the official synopsis for this “Yellowstone” episode, their rivalry will reach “a boiling point.” One fan noted, “Hopefully ‘boiling point’ means ending because the Beth/Jamie rivalry has gotten stale. Remember when Jamie almost made Beth blow her brains out? Now they just shit-talk each other.”

“Hopefully they will stop and be at peace with each other,” wrote another fan, one far more optimistic than any other. I don’t predict Jamie and Beth ever being at peace with one another, there’s been too much animosity for too long. Having them make up and be fine would be a disservice to the show, almost. “[I’m] tired of this rivalry already. I can see Jamie dying soon,” wrote another, more realistic, fan. It seems like this rivalry cannot end in peace, only death. At least, that’s what I think.

Fans Are Not Optimistic About Beth and Jamie, But Possibly Have Hope for Kayce and Monica

“The title makes it sound like they’ll have the funeral for the baby,” wrote a fan. “It will be nice if they have scenes with the family all together.” The title of the episode is “Horses in Heaven,” and fans in the replies had some theories about that.

“Previously they said that John [IV] would need a horse to ride into the great beyond,” another fan wrote. “Kayce asked if he was supposed to kill a horse and Rainwater and Mo said that one would appear naturally. So now some horse is gonna die to fulfill that prophecy.” Previously on Twitter, some fans were upset that so many animals have died on “Yellowstone” so far. Now it looks like there might be one more horse death to confront.

Additionally, a few fans wondered what happened to Jamie’s child. “[Whatever] happened to Jamie’s baby and his baby mama? Jamie’s dad brought them to Jamie’s ranch then all [of a] sudden they just disappeared. Or did I miss an important part of that storyline?” they wrote.

True, it seems like that storyline just petered out into nothing. Does Taylor Sheridan have something planned for them down the line, or did he just forget? I suppose we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.