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Here’s Which Sam Elliott Shows, Movies You Should Watch If You Loved ‘1883’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Critics' Choice Television Awards)

If 1883 left you wanting more Sam Elliott in your life, we have good news for you. The actor has been in 105 series and movies during his career. And we’re listing his best works right here.

Now, it’s hard to choose his top performances. Because let’s face it, Sam Elliott can do no wrong. But with a little help from Reddit, we at least narrowed the list to give you a starting point.

According to a forum made just for him, Tombstone should be one of the first Sam Elliott movies you sit down to watch. In the 1993 film, he plays Virgil Earp, the younger brother of Kurt Russell’s Wyatt Earp.

And since it’s also a Western, the movie may give you some 1883 vibes.

Another much-loved Elliott hit is The Big Lewbowski. The actor’s role in the flick is actually quite small, but it’s still legendary. In it, Sam Elliot plays The Stranger, a nameless cowboy in a bowling alley bar who appears only three times. And he notably utters the closing lines of the film.

One Reddit user made it clear that when we want a Sam Elliot fix, “the answer is always Roadhouse.” And we have to agree with that one too. Who can turn down watching him and Patrick Swayze?

And if you loved watching Shea Brennen chasing after horse thieves in 1883, you’ll love watching Wade Garrett kick “some serious ass” in the 1989 classic.

Last but most definitely not least is A Star is Born. Surprisingly, his portrayal of Bobby is the only Oscar nod Elliot has ever gotten. So, it’s a can’t miss.

Notable mentions include his guest roles in Parks and Recreation, Justified, and MacGruber. And if you have kids in the room, he did the most adorable voiceover in Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.

When you’re done with all our recommendations, check out Sam Elliott’s other movies on his IMDb page. And, of course, if you haven’t seen him in 1883 yet, watch that first.

Like Sam Elliott Did in All the Movie’s Above, He ‘Really Committed’ to ‘1883’

The reason Sam Elliott movies are cult classics is that he gets into character as no one can. And that trait really impressed his 1883 producer.

While chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, EP David Glasser said, “Shea has gone on this journey, helping unselfishly all these people and doing something incredible. And I love all our characters.”

“But Sam really committed [to] this journey as an individual,” he continued.

And the rest of the actors shinned just as bright. As Glasser added. the whole ensemble brought together the Yellowstone prequel in the most perfect way.

 “This cast and crew just really gave it their all,” he noted. “Everything you see in the show is a bit of what we went through.”