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Here’s Why ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weren’t Crazy About Episode 5

by Shelby Scott
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

On Sunday night, Yellowstone fans caught episode 5, called “Watch ‘Em Ride Away,” of the first half of season five. And while the show’s writers have steadily been building the tension between characters like Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) since the season debuted last month, Yellowstone fans were not entirely impressed with the latest episode.

According to Yahoo!, much of the negative commentary about episode 5 came after Yellowstone‘s official Instagram account shared a quick clip from the night’s episode. The post threw the spotlight on Cole Hauser‘s Rip Wheeler and Forrie J. Smith’s Lloyd Pierce. Discussing their plans for the upcoming cattle drive, Rip tells Lloyd, “No wagon, no bedroll. We’re cold-camping for the night,” to which Lloyd humorously responds, “Yee-haw, cowboy shit!”

While Rip and Lloyd’s interactions are usually some of our favorites, fans in the comments section actually paid little attention to the characters’ exchange. Instead, they began to complain about Beth’s constant over-the-top antics as well as about the fight scene between Summer and Kelly Reilly‘s character.

“This show has turned into an over-acted, overly dramatic mess,” one Yellowstone fan complained. “The Beth/Summer fight? Beth, in general? What a joke.”

Another coldly demanded, “Fire all the writers and get new ones[…]this over the top Beth crap is so old.”

The latest negative Yellowstone commentary comes just over a week after fans of the TV drama began ripping Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins online. Many have gone as far as to claim that Perabo’s role in Yellowstone is a “waste of screentime.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Had Drastically Different Reactions to Episode 5

Although there was a boatload of negative feedback in the comments following the series’ latest social media post, plenty of other fans claimed that Episode 5 of Yellowstone season five is the best one yet. Others reflected on the strengths of some new character developments.

Aside from Yellowstone‘s fight scene between Beth and Summer, one of the tensest scenes of episode 5 was when the entire Dutton family, excluding Jamie, sat down to enjoy a family dinner, as well as Rip, Finn Little’s Carter, John Dutton’s assistant Clara, and Perabo’s Summer.

With deafening silence looming over the table, Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille)—of all people—bursts out in laughter.

“Sorry,” she laughs, “this is just so f—ing uncomfortable,” which draws a laugh from her husband Kayce (Luke Grimes). Fans, used to seeing Monica as a rather melancholy character, praised the moment of comic relief online.

“I actually liked Monica tonight,” one fan said. “The whole meat thing at the table was a hoot.”

Another praised Asbille’s character overall, writing, “It’s about time Monica acted like a strong woman that supports her husband.”

A third Instagram user gushed, “It was such a good episode. But the ending was the best!”