How Does ‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Hide Her Accent?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

When you watch Yellowstone, then you’re going to get a hefty dose of Kelly Reilly. She plays the wickedly wonderful Beth Dutton. As you might know, she’s the daughter of John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, on the Western. Yellowstone allows the British-born actress to shine in that role. She does a good job of hiding that British accent when getting after Jamie or cuddling with Rip. How does she do it?

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Kelly Reilly Keeps Her British Accent Silent

Well, Kelly is an actress and her character has been around a bit. Beth Dutton lived in Salt Lake City before moving back to Montana and living on the Dutton Ranch. Yellowstone might be filmed in Utah but it’s set in Montana, which leads some people to try and figure out her accent.

There are those viewers out there who just don’t believe that Reilly can make that American accent work. Some won’t accept the fact that she does it rather flawlessly. Watch Yellowstone, though, and there is hardly a hint of her homeland’s accent at all.

As we said, watch her interactions with Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser. Trying to figure out about her accent on Yellowstone kind of goes by the wayside when watching Beth and Rip. These actors have grown together in their roles but they’ve had a deep appreciation for one another since Day One. We get a little more about Kelly Reilly from Country Music Nation.

Beth Dutton Knows How To Rip Off One-Liners and Surprise Some Fans

Beth is a one-liner machine at times. She can rip on Roarke Morris or give Jamie Dutton, her own brother, some real sass. That take-no-prisoners attitude just makes her more lovable or less desirable. As we said, fans of Yellowstone have some mixed thoughts about Kelly Reilly and her accent. Like they cannot believe she’s from England.

One of them said in a Reddit thread: “She’s English —- from Surrey. I give her props for being able to do an American accent at all.” Another one writes about Beth: “She did work in business in the city. She probably adapted to the business world of taking over companies.”

So, to give you some basic background, Kelly Reilly was born and raised in Chessington, London, England. The actress did study drama while in school. But her first love happened to be around horses and there was a thought she would go that way.

Not so. Reilly, 44, made her first TV appearance in 1995 for Prime Suspect 4: Inner Circle. Stage work has included Elton John’s Glasses, The London Cuckolds, The Graduate, and Piano/Forte. She also lives in New York City when not filming Yellowstone.