How to Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Where to Stream, Purchase Online

by Jon D. B.
Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton, Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone Season 4. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Want to catch up on or re-watch Yellowstone Season 4 ahead of Season 5? Here’s everything you need to know to make it happen, including the cheapest options.

Yellowstone Season 5 is upon us, which means it’s time to binge as many past episodes ahead of time as possible. A lot happened in the previous season, too, making it a near-must to watch Yellowstone Season 4 again ahead of time.

To help you do so, we’re breaking down the options available to you below. There’s a lot of ways to buy previous seasons, but we’re making it as straightforward as possible, so let’s get to it!

How to Catch Up On Season 4:

  • Peacock streams Seasons 1 thru 4 of Yellowstone w/ subscription starting at $4.99
  • Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and others have episodes & seasons up for purchase starting at $14.99
  • Internet cable subscriptions like Philo allow you to watch past seasons
  • Yellowstone Season 4 is also available to purchase as DVD & Blu-Ray sets

Each of these options is listed in-detail for you below, starting with the best and cheapest option: NBC’s streaming platform, Peacock.

Best & Cheapest Option to Stream ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Peacock Subscription

To catch up on previous seasons of Yellowstone, the cheapest way to do so is a Peacock subscription. The Peacock streaming service is available to purchase at just $4.99 a month for the basic package. If you prefer to watch without ads, you can purchase a commercial-free subscription for $10.99 a month. Whichever you choose, Peacock remains the most cost-effective and easiest way to stream all previous seasons of Yellowstone (by far).

Keep in mind, however, that you won’t be able to stream Season 5 as it airs. Peacock won’t have the latest season until weeks/months after it airs on Paramount Network. For more on that, be sure to see our How to Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: When, Where to View on Cable and Streaming next.

Season 4 Can Be Purchased Online to Stream with Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, & More

You can also purchase Yellowstone Season 4 immediately through several online providers. The most popular options are listed below. But keep in mind that each episode or season you purchase will cost an amount that’s separate from any membership you’re already paying for.

For example, an Amazon Prime membership does not give access to Yellowstone episodes/seasons. Instead, you’ll have to buy each one outright.

These services will also offer Season 5 for streaming at specific prices per episode/season after it airs on cable.

Watch Season 4 with an Internet Cable Service & You’ll Get Season 5, Too

This next option will also allow you to watch Yellowstone Season 5 when it airs live on TV. Each allows you to watch Season 4 and all previous episodes of the show. And we’re just going to go ahead and highly recommend Philo, as it’s $25 a month. This is a steal compared to most services, like Fubo and YouTube TV, which cost $70+ a month.

Remember, the slightly higher price of $25 a month for Philo also grants you access to Season 5 as it airs live. So this is definitely the best all-around option going forward.

Buy ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 on DVD & Blu-Ray

If you prefer to own your shows physically instead of relying on the digital world, then Season 4 is available to purchase all over the place.

And that’s it for now! To watch Season 5, be sure to see our How to Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: When, Where to View on Cable and Streaming next.