How to Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: When, Where to View on Cable and Streaming

by Jon D. B.
Kevin Costner as John Dutton, Yellowstone key art. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

November is here, and that means Yellowstone Season 5 is finally right around the corner. Here’s everything you need to know to watch the series ahead of tonight’s premiere. Excitement is paramount as we anticipate the return of the Duttons, but a side of confusion lingers. Watching Yellowstone can be tricky, especially for those looking to catch up on past seasons ahead of Season 5’s premiere. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying television’s #1 show, though, as we’re here to break down how and when to watch Yellowstone‘s return.

Below, we’ll break down how to watch on traditional cable, how to watch without cable, how to watch on streaming, and more. Let’s get to it!

How & When to Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 on Cable

  • Yellowstone Season 5 premieres Sunday, November 13, 2022
  • Airs exclusively on Paramount’s cable channel, Paramount Network
  • Premiere will be the first two episodes, airing at 8 PM ET
  • New episodes will air each subsequent Sunday
  • Season 5 will be 14 episodes in total, split into two halves

Firstly, Yellowstone Season 5 premieres on Sunday, November 13 exclusively on Paramount Network. So you’ll need a cable service that provides this channel to watch live when it airs. If you don’t have traditional cable (Comcast, etc.), however, don’t fret – we’ll cover how to overcome this obstacle next.

When the premiere hits, it’ll be a two-hour event of Episodes 1 & 2 kicking off the first half of Season 5. The latest Yellowstone run will be a whopping 14 episodes in total, with the first half being 8 episodes long. The second half of Season 5 is expected to air in early 2023.

After the premiere, Yellowstone will continue to air exclusively on Paramount Network each subsequent Sunday. This season will not be available to stream simultaneously, nor will it hit the studio’s streaming service, Paramount+, for months (which we’ll also get into below).

How to Watch if You Don’t Have a Traditional Cable Subscription

  • Youtube TV, Sling, and other internet services offer cable packages that include Paramount Network
  • You’ll need one of these to watch the show live if you don’t have a traditional cable subscription
  • Best Internet Cable Option: Philo ($25 a month)

If you don’t have a traditional cable subscription, then it’s time to sign up for an online service’s cable package. There are a ton out there – everything from YouTube to Sling allow you to stream cable channels from your devices. It’s basically signing up for cable through an internet-based provider, rather than a traditional cable provider like Comcast or AT&T.

Such services often come with a similarly-hefty cost, however. YouTube TV, for example, is a whopping $64.99 a month before taxes. Might as well have traditional cable for that price.

Instead, the best and cheapest option to watch Yellowstone Season 5 live while it airs without a traditional cable subscription is definitely Philo. Philo offers 60+ cable channels – including the access to Paramount Network you’ll need – for just $25 a month. Click here to check out to Philo.

How to Stream ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

  • Season 5 will not stream on Peacock until weeks/months after episodes air on cable
  • Yellowstone is not available on Paramount+ at all
  • Instead, check Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Vudu for episodes after they air

This is where things get all sorts of confusing. Unfortunately, NBCUniversal bought the streaming rights to Yellowstone as a series over a year before Paramount launched their own streaming service. As a result, Yellowstone is only available as a part of a streaming service through NBC’s Peacock. Paramount’s own Paramount+ houses spinoffs like 1883 and 1923, but can’t host its flagship series.

To make things even more confusing, Yellowstone Season 5 will not stream on Peacock at all while it is released on cable. Past seasons will, but fans with Peacock subscriptions will have to wait weeks or months to stream Season 5. When that release date is available, Outsider will be the first to let you know.

There are, however, proven ways to stream Yellowstone while the season is playing out on cable. Episodes of Season 5 will hit Amazon Prime close to the time of airing as they did during Season 4. But each episode will cost an amount that’s separate from your Amazon Prime membership.

The same can be said of iTunes and Vudu, which will also offer Season 5 for streaming at specific prices per episode/season. Vudu has the first half of Yellowstone Season 5 up for preorder for $14.99, as an example of cost.

How to Catch Up On Past Seasons of ‘Yellowstone’

  • Peacock streams Seasons 1 thru 4 of Yellowstone w/ subscription
  • Amazon Prime Video has episodes & seasons up for purchase
  • Internet cable subscriptions like Philo allow you to watch past seasons, too

To catch up on previous seasons of Yellowstone, the most cost efficient method by far is a Peacock subscription. But you can also purchase episodes and seasons on Amazon Prime Video, or take advantage of certain internet cable services like Philo to view all past episodes.

And that’s it for now! We’ll update this breakdown accordingly throughout Season 5 as the show’s release evolves. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Yellowstone Season 5: Everything We Know So Far for more ahead of Nov. 13.