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How Upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ Episode Title Brings ‘Wolves’ Back to the Forefront

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Big news this week on the “Yellowstone” front as we now know the titles of each episode for the approaching new season.

While “Yellowstone” fans do not need another reason to get excited, the release of titles pushes the excitement up another level. Throughout the course of three seasons, we have seen plenty of symbolism in several shapes and forms. One of the recurring sources of symbolism we have seen is the presence of wolves during various scenes on the show. We have seen these beasts a couple of different times during the series, representing different aspects of the “Yellowstone” universe. For Instance, Kayce Dutton uses a wolf as a metaphor in an earlier season to teach his son, Tate Dutton, a life lesson. In another scene, we see a pack of wolves feasting on animal remains just outside the “Yellowstone” Ranch.

It appears that the symbolism of wolves will be returning for the fourth season. The title of the seventh episode of the new season is titled “Keep the Wolves Close.” Let’s take a look at what this might mean.

It’s likely that “Keep the Wolves Close” can be interpreted as “keep your enemies close” and we know the Duttons have plenty of those. Keeping your enemy close means you have an eye on them at all times as you don’t know when they might strike.

Yes, the presence of wolves can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. The beasts might also present a foreshadowing aspect of the show. The wolves devouring a bear carcass could symbolize the looming threat that the ranch faces. As we see in the “Yellowstone” third season finale, the wolves are indeed circling. Much like a hungry wolf, the Dutton Family’s enemies make their move and attack.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four May See Return of the Wolves

Could we see Kevin Costner’s John Dutton dancing with wolves in season four? Probably not but it would be an incredible callback to his 1990 hit film “Dances With Wolves.”

All jokes aside, fans are eager to see how the imagery of wild animals will be used in season four.

Wolves are stronger in packs and often hunt in larger groups to outnumber their prey. The presence of wolves on “Yellowstone” could mean that the Duttons will have to work together to defeat their enemies. As we have seen in the season four trailers, it appears that taking on their enemies will require teamwork. The Dutton family and their associates will have to pull together and form a pack. In one particular scene of a recent trailer, we see the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse crew preparing for battle. Perhaps this “wolf pack” will be able to fend off their enemies and protect the ranch.

The good news for all “Yellowstone” fans is that we don’t have much longer to wait. The new season will premiere on Sunday, November 7.