How ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Feel About Season 4 Gun Fights

by Thad Mitchell

The fourth season of the ever-popular television series “Yellowstone” has been a major adrenaline rush since debuting last month.

We are now seven episodes deep into season four, with the eighth episode just hours away from its premiere. Despite the entire season being a thrill ride, “Yellowstone” fans are still talking about the fourth season’s first sequence. How can you not about the first 15 minutes of the season four debut? It was an insane roller coaster that had every “Yellowstone” fan gripping their seats.

The opening sequence featured fantastic acting, brilliant camera work, and a gunfight for the ages. “Yellowstone” fans loved the gunfight in the first episode, and they are now begging for more. In a recent Reddit post, fans discuss their desire for another wild west shootout. It is easy to see that this sequence was a major crowd-pleaser among the show’s fans. Could we get another major gunfight in the final three episodes? It is certainly a possibility and could come as early as tonight’s episode.

At the center of the opening sequence shootout was Kayce Dutton, a former Navy Seal trained in combat. Kayce is the centerpiece of the production, doing away with the assailants before suffering a gunshot himself. Redditors praise the acting of Luke Grimes and the excellent writing from the “Yellowstone” team.

“Seriously, the best part of season four, so far, was the first 12 minutes of episode one,” a Reddit user proclaims. “Kayce down! Kayce down!”

But not all “Yellowstone” fans feel this way. Others say the sequence isn’t realistic and could have been portrayed with more authenticity.

“Super unrealistic mag capacity too,” another fan says, “Man, they can’t YouTube a video to see how fast a magazine runs out?”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Authenticity of Opening Gun Fight

“Yellowstone” is a show that thrives on presenting an authentic look into western cowboys culture. It’s why some fans are wondering about the authenticity of the show’s shootouts.

“It was cool and all,” a Redditor says. “But you can’t go to war with people inside the United States and not attract some national attention.”

One “Yellowstone” fan even questions the type of artillery that the Dutton family possesses.

“If John is essentially running a gang, the guys should have access to better weapons when they fight,” the fan says. “The lever guns don’t make a lot of sense when John is flying around in a chopper.”

In the unlikely event that you’ve not seen the new trailer for tonight’s episode, here is a look — we might just be getting our coveted gun fight tonight.

“Who’s ready for an all-new episode of Yellowstone tonight?” the post asks.

As you can see from the video trailer, gunfighting appears like it will factor in at some point in tonight’s episode.