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How ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Feel About ‘New Faces’ of Season 4

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

With the release of Yellowstone‘s latest Season 4 character reveals, fans have a lot to say about the new characters heading our way.

From the fierce nature of Caroline Warner‘s dialogue, to the highly-anticipated addition of Piper Perabo to the cast, Yellowstone diehards have a lot of feelings ahead of Season 4. And as any denizen of the internet knows, if you want some priceless commentary – head to Reddit and YouTube. Outsider has done exactly that to put our finger on the pulse of fan excitement ahead of November 7.

“Nice! I had to smile watching it,” begins Redditor iheartsev of Yellowstone‘s new Season 4 profiles, which you can watch below. “That professional protester is going to drive John berserk, until, as she says, they switched from protesting about killing cattle to protesting the new airport Market Equities is trying to build. LOL, this is going to be fun!”

Said protester is Summer Higgins, a new character for Season 4 played by beloved actor Piper Parabo.

“I was smiling cause I’ve missed Piper lately, haven’t really seen her on much since Covert Affairs was cancelled,” adds u/zsreport of Parabo.

Three new faces are joining Yellowstone this season. Piper Perabo’s activist Summer Higgins shows up in Montana only to learn something much bigger is happening. Jacki Weaver’s Caroline Warner is a force to be reckoned with. And Finn Little’s Carter gets a crash course in the cowboy life. Yellowstone season 4 premieres with a special two-hour event on Sunday Nov. 7 at 8/7c, only on Paramount Network.

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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Await Inevitable Clash of Beth and Caroline

“I’ve seen the parts with Jackie and Finn, but the Piper portion was a new one for me,” adds Redditor 7ruby18. “Because of the lack of info on her character previously, I’d almost forgotten about her. She could be an interesting non-ally ally for John.”

Yet it’s Yellowstone‘s introduction of Jacki Weaver’s new lead villain, Caroline Warner, that has fans in a tizzy on Instagram.

“Well now Ms. Weaver, don’t make me dislike you by messing with my Duttons,” says Yellowstone fan Deborah. Which prompts fellow fan M.J. to reply: “Apparently Caroline has never met Beth Dutton!”

To both, follower Requejo has the best response, however: “Remember Caroline You are the trailer park and Beth is the tornado…”

Over on YouTube, fans are quicker to discuss young Carter, the third addition from the featurette played by Finn Little.

“Can’t wait to see the father-son bond between Rip and Carter, while being a little bro to Jimmy. If, Jimmy is still alive?” comments YouTuber Jesus Salazar.

Fellow commenter Michael Brown adds that “Carter sounds like he has an old head on young shoulders.”

Which is good, considering our introduction to the 14-year-old was him smoking a cigarette. According to early reports, Carter is to be raised on the Dutton Ranch by Beth. How this will sit with Rip Wheeler, however, remains to be seen.

As for Rip, YouTuber Red-Hood is betting “Rip will go Rambo mode for sure, this seson its gonna be awesome!” for Yellowstone Season 4.

We can only hope.