Why the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Trailer Has Fans Worried John Dutton Is a Goner

by Thad Mitchell
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Of all the questions we hope to get answered in the upcoming new season of “Yellowstone,” one question stands above the rest.

“Who is alive and who is dead?”

That is the question that every single “Yellowstone” fan has had bouncing around in their head for well over a year. With the way season three ended, there could be as many four main characters dead as the new season arrives. Of course, all four of those characters could be alive as well. Let’s take a look back at that killer season three ending before we look forward to season four speculation.

As the final seconds tick away to end the third season of “Yellowstone,” we find our protagonists, the Duttons, under attack. Yes, we are eager to find out who is behind the attacks and that is likely to come but first, we need to figure out the statuses of these four characters.

John and Kayce Dutton are attacked by unknown gunmen in separate incidents as the season ends. Kayce was able to shield himself behind a desk, but John takes a couple of bullets to the chest. John’s daughter, Beth Dutton, is only feet away from an exploding bomb. Poor ranch hand Jimmy only wants to impress his girlfriend but ends up falling off a bucking horse. Each of these four could be dead or alive heading into the new season. Now, many fans believe it is John Dutton who is most likely to be dead.

No one wants John Dutton, played wonderfully by Kevin Costner to die. Some fans have even said they will boycott the show if John dies early in the season. Watchers are pointing to a recent teaser trailer as evidence John is dead. Many think the words of Thomas Rainwater seal his fate.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Point to Trailer as Evidence of Major Death

At the beginning of the recently released trailer, Rainwater gives a chilling quote that hints at the fall of a protagonist.

“One leader falls, another rises,” he says to begin the clip.

Some “Yellowstone” fans are convinced that Rainwater is speaking of John Dutton and aren’t happy about it. They took their gripes to social media and Reddit.

“There is no way they would just kill off John like that” a fan writes on a social media site. “He is the heartbeat of the entire show.”

“If they do him (John) like that then I’m done,” another fan says. “I can’t imagine ‘Yellowstone’ without Kevin Costner and don’t want to.”

Of course, there is a possibility that John survives the attack. In a previously released trailer, we see he is still alive, but struggling, when Rip arrives on the scene.

We have questions and hope “Yellowstone” has answers when the fourth season premiers on November 7.