How ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think the Duttons’ Relationship With Broken Rock Will Play Out Next Season

by Jon D. B.

Would a Dutton and Broken Rock partnership actually lead to harmony? Can Tate Dutton bring future peace? Is Angela Blue Thunder going for blood? Yellowstone fans have so many questions.

As we should! There’s a lot left unanswered by Season 3’s gripping cliff-hanger of a finale. Over on the show’s ever-active Reddit board, however, fans are working hard at deciphering clues ahead of Season 4.

Monday, Redditor Meemf asks “What do you anticipate the relationship between the Duttons and the Native Americans (Rainwater, Mo, Angela, etc.) moving forward [will be]? Specifically after how things were left in Season 3.”

As Yellowstone fans will recall, S3, Ep 10 saw Thomas Rainwater extend an invitation to John to join in their suit against Market Equities. This move, as the Redditor cites, “appears to be genuine” in nature. Angela Blue-Thunder, however, “seems to have her eyes on vengeance (rightfully so),” Meemf continues.

So how do fellow fans see this potential partnership working out in the fictional world of Yellowstone? Let’s take a look.

Several Redditors agree with u/Kokopatti2320, who says “The common thread is keeping the land from being developed. Will they find common ground in reaching the goal or will ownership defeat them. Two strong allies have a better chance of reaching the goal.”

Too true. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” after all, as the old saying goes. And as Meemf and countless other fans believe, Tate Dutton -the child of both the Duttons and Broken Rock – should lead to unity in the future.

Will ‘Yellowstone’s Future Follow Truth or Further Fiction?

Yet other Yellowstone fans believe this alliance would be too far-fetched. Too fictional, if you will.

Another poster responds that they’re “not sure why people think that Monica and Tate can resolve the land issue between John Dutton and Rainwater. This is probably not the place to get into the realities of the land ownership but I’ll mention it and everyone can either research it or accept it. Rainwater and the tribe cannot own the Dutton land. Rainwater and the tribe do not even own the reservation land. The federal government does. No land can be added to the reservation without the approval of both the federal and state governments,” they wrote.

To this, OP Meemf retorts that he’s “not suggesting they can resolve the land issue between the two parties. I am wondering if they can work together to protect each of their own interests and fight against the city folk trying to develop on their land.”

This is, after all, the heart of Yellowstone Season 3. “With land aside, I wonder if the two entities can put historical disputes aside and form some kind of an alliance in order to protect both their interests,” the Redditor continues.

As Meemf cites, “At the meeting with the governor, [Broken Rock] introduced a suit they would file regarding Fish & Wildlife that the Duttons did not seem to have accounted for… A suit that had great potential to eliminate the threat at hand.”

Could their separate, “unique perspectives” wind up providing “enormous potential for a successful collaboration,” as Meemf puts it? Or will Angela Blue Thunder lead to as much discord for Broken Rock as the Duttons have among themselves?

We’ll find out much more come the two-episode premiere of Yellowstone Season 4 this November 7.