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How ‘Yellowstone’ Is Going to End, Major Fan Predictions

by Hunter Miller
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

For what felt like an eternity, “Yellowstone” fans tried passing the time waiting for Season 4 by predicting the outcome of Season 3’s attacks on the Dutton family. Now, with Season 4 fully underway, fans are already looking way ahead. And many have some straight-up wild theories about how the cowboy drama is going to ride into the sunset.


As you might imagine, a good chunk of fans predict we’re going to see some major character deaths. After all, the Duttons that came under attack at the end of Season 3 (Kayce, John, Beth) all survived. Sure, maybe they were protected by a good layer of plot armor. But, that doesn’t mean that armor won’t rust over by the time the series comes to an end.

With all good stories, fans want to see major storylines tied up and points of connectivity between past and future moments. For example, one fan writes on Reddit, “I want the scene of John and Kayce up on the mountain, where John goes to die. Just like the flasback [sic] with John and his Dad.”

If you’re caught up on “Yellowstone,” you know exactly what moment we’re talking about. Kevin Costner’s John Dutton and John Dutton Sr. (played by Dabney Coleman), share one last conversation at a special spot on the ranch. And if that scene didn’t absolutely rip your heart out, better check your pulse. Grab the tissues and relive that scene below:

‘Yellowstone’ Endgame Theories

As we have dissected previously, one fan also pointed out that the endgame will likely revolve around one major character: Tate Dutton.

Brecken Merrill’s Tate Dutton is the grandson of John Dutton, and son of Kayce and Monica. The fan accurately describes Tate as the “metaphoric and physical bridge between the Dutton ranching family and the Native American tribe who once occupied the land.”

Since the beginning of the series, the Duttons have faced multiple foes. All of them trying to hijack the ranch in one way or another. Some by physical means, others by legal. But the one ongoing conflict consistent throughout all 4 seasons so far is the Duttons vs. Broken Rock Reservation. And Tate Dutton could be the chosen one to heal the divide between the two.

In short, many fans think that Tate will somehow spearhead an effort to make peace between Duttons and Broken Rock and for them all to settle the bloody land dispute.

And as for the major characters dying, the predictions are truly all over the place.

Many believe John Dutton will die, but then others think there’s just no way you kill off Kevin Costner’s character. Others think Beth is going to die, launching Rip into a revenge-fueled rampage. But we’re not so sure that couldn’t happen this season.

One fan predicts: “John Dutton dies. Beth Dutton dies (her arrogance and her ego leads to her death), Rip dies avenging her death (Rip goes down all guns blazing). Kayce runs the ranch with Monica and Tate. Walker is Kacey’s Rip. Jaime [sic] becomes Governor.”

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