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How ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4’s Villains Played Major Part in SAG Cast Nomination

by Jennifer Shea
Andrew Chin/Getty Images

We all know how talented the main cast of Yellowstone is. And their efforts through four seasons of the show no doubt played a key role in the recent Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award nomination that Yellowstone received. But Season 4’s villains are played by accomplished actors in their own right. And their stellar performances were also a factor in the award nom.

Chief among those villains are Jamie’s (Wes Bentley) biological father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton), and Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver). Both are busy, seasoned actors. Both brought harrowing threats down upon the Dutton family in Season 4.

Star and executive producer Kevin Costner acknowledged as much in comments to Yellowstone’s behind-the-scenes featurette, Behind the Story. He implied that the actors contributed their fair share to the dynamic of focused professionalism on set.

“It was good to see Will on the set,” Costner said. “He’s just a fantastic actor and brings so much. He’s very dynamic in his own way, formidable and detailed.”                                           

Meanwhile, Teeter actress Jen Landon declared that Weaver is one of her all-time top-ten favorite actresses. She said she was dying to meet the veteran pro. (Teeter didn’t have any scenes with Warner. But the Market Equities villain is not going anywhere yet. So Landon will have more chances to run into her.)

Yellowstone Season 4 Villains Have Gotten Their Share of Award Nominations, Wins

The SAG Award nomination is not the first rodeo for these actors. Patton was nominated for a SAG Award last year, for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, for 2020’s Minari. He also won two OBIE Awards for Best Actor for the plays “Fool for Love” and “What Did He See?,” per IMDb.

Weaver, meanwhile, has been nominated for two Oscars, for Animal Kingdom and Silver Linings Playbook. She also received a Golden Globe nomination for Animal Kingdom and a SAG Award nomination for Silver Linings Playbook. She has won numerous awards, among them a Women Film Critics Circle Award, a Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, a Gold Derby Award, an Australian Film Institute Award and an AACTA International Award, according to IMDb.

Will Warner Prove to Be Beth’s Most Dangerous Nemesis?

In the Yellowstone Season 4 finale, Jamie dispatched his biological father to save himself, in the process solidifying Beth’s (Kelly Reilly) control over his life. So Patton, who also appeared in Season 3, has apparently ended his run on Yellowstone. But Weaver’s character remains a threat to the Duttons, and she’s not likely to go away quietly.

As Season 4 drew to a close, Warner basically threatened Beth with insider trading charges, among other legal consequences, for her efforts to sabotage the firm. The infuriated Market Equities chief said she had given Beth enough rope to hang herself with and now she was going to spare no expense to make Beth’s life miserable. But will she be able to make good on her threats?

Yellowstone fans will no doubt be curious to see how the fiery Dutton daughter neutralizes Warner. It promises to be an epic showdown between two of the show’s many acting talents, and hopefully one that’s well worth the wait.