Is ‘1883’ Going to Be on Netflix?

by Quentin Blount

First, it was Paramount Network’s Yellowstone making all the headlines. Now it’s the spin-off prequel, 1883.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s probably a good chance you have heard of the Paramount Network hit show, Yellowstone, created by Taylor Sheridan. The insanely-popular show follows the lives of the Dutton family. They own the Yellowstone Ranch, which just so happens to be the largest contiguous ranch in the entire country.

As for the show’s new spin-off 1883, it also follows the lives of the Dutton family. But instead of seeing actors like Kevin Costner, Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly, and Jefferson White, the show is set back in the year 1883. It does still, however, feature a star-studded cast with big names like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, and LaMonica Garrett. The new series shows how the Duttons eventually came to own the Yellowstone Ranch we all know and love.

Unfortunately, we do have some bad news to pass along for fans of the show who were hoping to watch it on Netflix. The streaming rights for 1883 are as clear cut as it gets — there will be no licensing to platforms like Peacock or Netflix. Instead, the show will be available exclusively on Paramount Plus. That’s the case, at least in the United States and more than likely, internationally as well.

There’s no denying that shows like Yellowstone and 1883 have been performing off the charts. Even though that’s the case, we’ve yet to ever really see Netflix invest too much in the Western genre. At least on the TV side of things. As far as films are concerned, Netflix did release two big Westerns last year, including The Harder They Fall and The Power of the Dog.

It Will Cost More than $10 Million to Make Every Episode of ‘1883’

The news that 1883 won’t be making its way to Netflix is pretty disappointing, we can’t lie. Especially seeing as how Netflix is without a doubt one of the most popular streaming services in the entire world.

But let’s not dwell on the negatives. The truth in the matter is that even if 1883 forever remains a Paramount Plus exclusive, it will still be a must-watch. Why you ask? Well, it will be one of the most authentic Western series perhaps ever made.

Prior to the show airing last year, creator Taylor Sheridan spoke to Deadline about how big of an undertaking 1883 was and how committed he was to make sure the show would be as authentic as possible.

“Look, this is not going to be an easy or inexpensive show to make. This is going to be epic and huge and I want to tell it in the scope as if I were making a 10-hour movie.”

He also confirmed that 1883 will have an insane budget of over $10 million per episode. That’s even more expensive than what it cost to make an episode of Yellowstone.