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Is ‘1883’ Season 2 Production Already Underway?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

“1883” is barely three episodes deep, but we’re still wondering if it’s been renewed for season 2. The first two episodes premiered on Paramount+ to rave reviews and huge ratings. Episode 3 aired on Sunday, hopefully to more big numbers. But what about a second season?

So far, it seems like there’s no official news that there’s going to be a second season. There’s speculation from a few sources, but no one is saying a resounding “yes”. Therefore, I give it a vague “possibly”, if the ratings hold and the stories keep up the momentum.

Taylor Sheridan is a risk-taker, judging by how little time he had to create this series. Paramount took a gamble on him with “1883,” but so far it seems to be paying off. Critics and fans alike love the show, so there’s a good possibility Paramount will take the risk again for a second season.

The first two episodes introduced us to the Dutton family, specifically Elsa, setting her up as narrator. She’s the heart and soul of the show, representing the unspoiled land and the childlike innocence of Western settlers. She’s hopeful, and intuitive, and curious, and rebellious. She works well as the vehicle for whom the story moves forward.

Traveling the Oregon Trail is treacherous; you don’t die of dysentery for nothing. In episode 3 of “1883,” people in the wagon train are doing just that: dying. Death looms closer the farther they go. James and Shea are getting into arguments as well, with Shea believing that James is trying to undermine his authority within the caravan. But all James cares about is his family, and getting them West safely. Shea also makes a decision that may come back to haunt them all in the future.

Working on ‘1883’ Has Been ‘Incredible’ for Tim McGraw

On Dec. 26, “1883” star Tim McGraw posted photos from the show on Twitter, commenting on his experience working on the show.

“Working on @1883official has been incredible… and we’re just getting started!! Hope you all are enjoying the show! #1883TV,” he captioned the photos. McGraw also spoke recently about how it feels to be part of “1883”.

“I always thought I’d love to do a Western if something good ever came along,” McGraw said. He explained how Taylor Sheridan got in touch with him, saying, “He asked if I was a fan of ‘Yellowstone’, and I said of course I was. He asked if I would like to be on the show. I told him I’d love to do it, but I didn’t want to just be some sort of singing cowboy that comes on and gets taken to the train station or something like that. He goes, ‘well, I might have an idea. Give me a week or so.’ And then, he called me back, and he told me the idea that he had, to do a flashback scene with me as the original Dutton who founded the Yellowstone Ranch. And I thought, ‘now, that’s interesting. I really like that.’ And that is how the whole ball started rolling.”