Is This New ‘Yellowstone’ Teaser a Bad Sign for Teeter?

by Thad Mitchell

A new teaser for the fourth season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has some fans concerned for a favorite character.

Ever since she was introduced in the third season, Teeter has become a favorite of “Yellowstone” fans. We first meet Teeter in season three when she attends a “job fair” for the ranch. Impressed by her roping talent and fearless attitude, Rip Wheeler decides to hire Teeter for the bunkhouse. She becomes the only female member of the bunkhouse crew but immediately shows she can hold her own. With her southern drawl and supreme confidence, she wins over the bunkhouse boys and fits right in. Teeter is a fun character to follow for “Yellowstone” watchers as she has several identifiable characteristics. She’s full of life and appears to know the “work hard play hard” routine. Played by veteran actress, Jen Landon, Teeter is someone the audience can get behind.

We don’t what Teeter’s future holds but a recent social media post has fans worried for her “Yellowstone” future. The post is a promotional piece for the fourth season premiere that is just three days away.

“Will you live up to the brand by watching the Yellowstone season 4 premiere?” the post asks. “Don’t miss it: Sunday at 9/7C, exclusively on the Paramount Network.”

The ominous video shows Teeter in black and white and is similar to other “Yellowstone” promotional pieces.

“I’m f***ing scarred for life,” the clip says above Landon. “It don’t mean nothing.”

The post’s comments section is full of praise for Jen Landon’s work as the lovable Teeter.

“She knocks this character out of the Park,” a fan writes. “Another Landon with amazing talent!”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want to See More of Teeter

Fans of the show have made it clear that they want more of Jen Landon and Teeter in season four. Teeter is an easy character to root for and fans may very well get their wish.

Despite just entering the show last season, a lot has already transpired for Teeter. She’s been nearly trampled to death by horses while skinny dipping in a creek. The final episode also aw her earn a “Yellowstone” brand for participating in the murders of Wade and Clint Morrow. You can probably expect Teeter to be ready for war with the rest of the bunkhouse crew in the new season.

We also see Teeter gain a love interest late in season three. After initially resisting her advances, fellow ranch hand Colby finally gives in. It’s a very powerful moment in “Yellowstone” when we see a battered and bloody Teeter and Colby embrace for the first time. We definitely want to see this relationship evolve in season four.

We are almost there “Yellowstone” fans! The fourth and latest season starts this Sunday.