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Is ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Finale Streaming on Paramount Plus?

by Courtney Blackann

While “Yellowstone” fans are looking forward to the two-hour season finale, we’ve got some bad news, Outsiders. You won’t be able to stream the final episode on Paramount Plus. And while “Yellowstone” arguably put Paramount on the map as far as streaming services go, you won’t find “Yellowstone” there tonight.

Now, you’re probably a bit confused so we’ll break it down for you. In order to stream the last episode, you’ll have to down the Paramount Network app and unlock it. Further, the first three seasons of “Yellowstone” are only available on Peacock. The streaming service owns the rights to those seasons and additionally, the fourth season will stream on Peacock eventually as well.

While this information is probably a bit frustrating, it’s also intentional. The ViacomCBS title is part of a group of shows which fall under strict licensing laws, according to CNET. The gist of it is that Paramount Plus hopes to become the same kind of streaming service that Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV already are. However, “Yellowstone” will be aired on the Paramount Network, which is the cable network.

So, in other words, you have to sign up for a live TV service in order to watch. We know, this puts a major damper on your plans for tonight’s episode, but that’s the way those TV executives apparently want it.

More Ways to Watch “Yellowstone”

However, if you haven’t started watching the Taylor Sheridan series at all yet, a subscription to Peacock is pretty cheap and you can catch up on all the Dutton drama there.

And as we anticipate the final episode tonight, there’s a lot to look back on from this season. Each character has definitely shown growth – whether that be good or bad.

Jamie Dutton’s loyalty to John and the rest of the family has waned over the season. He’s torn between his real father’s acceptance and a new future and his obligations to the man who raised him.

John has reclaimed his spot on the ranch and he’s out for revenge. This is along with Beth, who stood by his hospital bed every day after he was shot. However, in the most recent episode, Beth disappointed the man she looks up to the most after going too far yet again.

Over in the bunkhouse, Walker and Lloyd finally figured each other out after fighting until they couldn’t fight anymore. The two cowboys seemingly have a better understanding of one another. Things seem to be peaceful at the end of the day.

Jimmy seems to have also transformed from a bumbling boy into a real cowboy after his time with the Four Sixes Ranch. However, he must now choose between his newest love interest Emily and his former flame Mia.

All the drama will culminate in a spicy two-hour finale tonight at 8 p.m. ET.