Is ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Trailer Hinting at Which Character Might’ve Arranged Attacks on Duttons?

by Thad Mitchell
.(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

It’s been about a week since the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” graced us with a brand new trailer for their upcoming new season. It will be the show’s fourth installment and is guaranteed to bring some excitement back to our TV screens.

The new teaser trailer doesn’t give a lot to go on in terms of what might transpire in season four. Nevertheless, “Yellowstone” fans are analyzing every single second of the 30-second clip. The trailer focuses on John Dutton as he struggles to keep himself alive long enough to find help. Dutton is ambushed by unknown gunmen to close out the third season.

His status is currently up in the air, though most fans believe he survives the attack. From a previous “Yellowstone” trailer, we learn Rip Wheeler is the first to arrive on the scene. If John survives the shooting, it is likely because Rip got there just in the nick of time to save his life.

At the end of the teaser trailer, an ominous voice can be heard saying “We’re at war, you and me.” Many fans believe the character delivering this line is the same one behind the Dutton family attacks. There are numerous theories out there on just which “Yellowstone” character has the trailer’s lone line.

An interesting theory making the rounds on Reddit suggests that Mo delivers the line in the trailer. This would seemingly indicate that the Broken Rock Tribe has declared war on “Yellowstone” Ranch. Some fans think this could mean that Angela Blue Thunder is the figure behind the ambush.

“Honestly, it sounds a lot like Mo,” a Reddit user says in a thread about the trailer. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense that it would be coming from Mo though.”

It would, however, make sense if Mo was speaking on behalf of Blue Thunder and their tribe. The Native Americans believe that the “Yellowstone” property rightfully belongs to them and not the Duttons.

Another theory suggests that Mo is delivering the line to Angela Blue Thunder after discovering her plot.

“What if Angela Blue Thunder was responsible for one or all the attacks on the Duttons?” a fan asks. “Mo certainly would not approve and I could see him saying something like that to her. In the car after the meeting at the end of season three, Angela reminded Rainwater that Mo came from a warrior tribe. That’s what makes me associate Mo with being at war.”

There is certainly no shortage of theories on who could have attacked the “Yellowstone” ranching family. There is also no shortage of suspects with motivation to do away with the family.

We will all find out together on November 7, so hand in their “Yellowstone” fans.