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Where to Buy John Dutton Jackets: ‘Yellowstone’ Looks, Budget-Friendly Options, and Warmer-Weather Picks

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network Press Center

From authentic makes used in the show to more budget-friends options, grab all the best John Dutton jackets from Yellowstone Season 1-4 for yourself here.

Time to look the part, Outsiders! Through the timeless appeal of Kevin Costner and pitch-perfect work by Yellowstone‘s costuming crew, John Dutton has become the ultimate Western fashion icon. Specifically, the patriarch’s jackets have set a new standard for modern menswear. And if you’ve been looking to add each to your wardrobe (or the wardrobe of someone you love), look no further. We’ve done the research and pulled John Dutton’s best jackets from Seasons 1-4 for you right here, alongside some excellent budget-friendly picks.

But before we dive in to the nitty gritty, we’ve got the breakdown of each available jacket for you below. No muss, no fuss, Yellowstone fans.

The Breakdown: Top John Dutton Jackets

Budget-Friendly JD Jackets:

A few of the buget-friendly jackets above, like Orvis’ summer quilted jacket, are also excellent warmer weather options. And if you’re looking to truly make your mark like a Yellowstone patriarch, we’ve broken down John Dutton’s best jackets by season below.

Best of John Dutton’s Jackets: Season 1

John Dutton (R- Kevin Costner) hands over the reigns to the Ranch to his youngest son Kayce (L-Luke Grimes). Photo credit: Yellowstone Press Gallery

While Season 4’s quilted jacket has become a John Dutton staple, there’s no JD jacket more iconic than Season 1’s “Orange and Khaki” number. Instantly recognizable, this jacket has been replicated a hundred times over. We’re only including top-tier replicas below, however, as quality is king.

This jacket became so iconic that John would also wear it throughout seasons 2-3. But another Season 1 classic is an excellent buy for both authenticity and its budget-friendly price:

In addition, Yellowstone Season 2 offers a few unique options below.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 2’s Best Jackets

Photo credit: Paramount Network Press Gallery

One of the top brands utilized by Yellowstone is Carhartt. As a lover of a brand, this Outsider can absolutely testify to their real-world utility, craftsmanship, and longevity. John Dutton sports an excellent Carhartt offering in Season 2, and you can find the authentic jacket below:

As for the now-iconic plaid shirt jacket (above), WenVen offers a similar take:

But for Season 3, it’s back to truly iconic looks.

‘Yellowstone Season 3’s Best Jackets

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

When it comes to Season 3, John Dutton’s shearling jacket is by far the most iconic for Season 3 (above). Worn through most of the season, this classic Western topper features a fur collar and leather shoulder details that have become synonymous with Yellowstone’s patriarch. There’s a couple of options for the jacket below, and both are top-rated replicas as the original jacket is no longer available. Which is probably for the best, given it’s $400+ origins.

But there’s no John Dutton jacket more practical and iconic than his Season 4 staple below.

John Dutton’s Latest Jackets: Season 4

Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press

Kevin Costner has elevated several clothing pieces to iconic status on Yellowstone, but his now iconic Season 4 jacket stands above the rest. Both L.L. Bean and Huckberry make a top-of-the-line version of this jacket.

If you want the jacket, however, then that’s 100% Schaefer Outfitter’s Blacktail Quilted Rangewax Jacket:

This jacket has become so popular, in fact, that Schaefer has re-labeled it on their site with “As Seen on Yellowstone.” Talk about iconic! For secondary options, there are several similar budget-friendly options availabe:

And for a warmer weather take, check out Orvis:

For more of John Dutton’s iconic Western wear, including his vests, hats, shirts, and jeans, check out our full breakdown next: ‘Yellowstone’ Clothing: Where to Buy The Best of John Dutton’s Western Wear.