Josh Brolin Claims ‘Everybody Is Trying to Piggyback’ Off ‘Yellowstone,’ Says ‘Western Genre Is Back’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Yellowstone” is arguably one of the most popular television series in the market. It’s also undoubtedly the most popular Western currently screening. And with as massive an audience as Taylor Sheridan‘s hit series currently has, American actor Josh Brolin claims “everybody is trying to piggyback” off the drama. He credits the show in aiding in the return of the Western genre to the 21st century.

Josh Brolin currently stars in the rising American mystery thriller “Outer Range.” He’s also father to Eden Brolin, who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom’s (Jefferson White) former girlfriend Mia on “Yellowstone.”

Ahead of “Outer Range’s” premiere, Brolin spoke with Deadline about the Western genre and the race to spearhead more neo-Westerns.

Off “Outer Range,” Brolin stated, “There were a few series I had been offered, but then you say, ‘do you have a subject matter that is going to sustain me?’ and I think ‘Outer Range’ is on an absurdist enough level that we can go in so many different directions.”

According to the outlet, “Outer Range” follows the story of the Abbot family. Together, they cope with multiple thrilling and terrifying hardships. First is the disappearance of their daughter-in-law followed by an untimely death in the community that sparks major tension. Then, oddly enough, Royal discovers a mysterious black void in the middle of their west pasture.

Of his own series, Brolin said, “You have ‘Yellowstone’ and the Western genre is back and everybody is trying to piggyback on that thing.”

And while “Outer Range” is one of those that have followed in the footsteps of “Yellowstone,” Josh Brolin added, “I think what we’ve done is create a danger zone, and it doesn’t feel safe.”

Josh Brolin and ‘Outer Range’ Make ‘Yellowstone’ Look Tame

After four massively successful seasons, “Yellowstone” has demonstrated time and again that there is nothing tame about Montana ranch life. However, after watching the “Outer Range” trailer, you might come to appreciate “Yellowstone’s” less abrasive qualities. Check it out.

Backed by an intense soundtrack, the trailer introduces us to the members of the Abbot family. Amid brief introductions, we also meet a mysterious stranger that appears at the doorstep of the Abbot ranch.

The stranger, named Autumn, introduces herself to Royal Abbot (Josh Brolin). As she shakes his hand, she says, “Glad to finally meet you,” which seems strange enough from the start as she’s apparently never met him before.

The remainder of the trailer introduces us to the events surrounding the appearance of the void in the Abbots’ west pasture. We also get a look at a strange symbol in a way reminiscent of the “Yellowstone” brand regarding its significance.

Together, the events of the series are heavily influenced by supernatural instances. Altogether, the setting and drama promises to make for as captivating a show as “Yellowstone.”

“Outer Range” premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, April 15th.