Kevin Costner Has a Hysterical, Beautiful Story About His Late Father’s Relationship with ‘Yellowstone’

by Jonathan Howard

During his time on Yellowstone, Kevin Costner has made a lot of fans. But, some of the hardest folks to win over were his own parents. Even when you’re Costner’s age, even with all his success, your parents will always keep you humble. Although his father and mother passed away earlier this year, one story has stuck with him for a while.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter‘s Scott Feinberg, Costner and other Dutton costars talked about the upcoming season and some other topics. It was a fun interview and included a ton of great answers. Among them was this story about the John Dutton actor’s dad, William Costner.

“My dad, who passed away this year, my mom too,” he began. “Within months of each other, took a big interest in my career, and he said, ‘You’re going to lose your audience fella, that is a naughty show. That is a naughty show.’ He said, ‘They’re gonna drift away son,’ and I said, ‘Dad,’ [and he said], ‘You mark my words, it’s naughty.’ I just had to look at my dad like, ‘Oh my God.’ And then two years later he’s going, ‘The nurses wanna know how it ends.'”

He went on to talk about people asking him about Beth. “What are you going to do about Beth?” Well, there’s not much he can do, now is there? It’s one of the strange parts of being a TV star, fans sometimes think that you’re actually your character in real life.

Kevin Costner is one of the best in the game. He has done it from the big screen to the small screen. And, there are not many that would call his performance lackluster or criticize it too much. But, parents will always find something to nitpick. That’s why we love ’em.

Are you ready for your Yellowstone Kevin Costner-ism of the day? Because during the same interview, the actor got a little bit philosophical. It can be tough to get the right attention in Hollywood. Things don’t always go the way folks imagine they will. And, sometimes shows and movies don’t get the recognition they deserve.

“It’s easy to be popular, but it’s hard to be relevant,” Costner said of the late bloom that Yellowstone has had in the awards categories.

“I think Taylor [Sheridan] chose to be relevant to himself and this world,” he went on. “What I will say about this is: Running horses, rivers that flow, mountains that are here will never be something that people tire of.”

Catch the rest of the 34-minute interview below. It’s got a lot of great quotes from Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, and Kelsey Asbille.

So, this next season of Yellowstone is going to be one to watch. Kevin Costner seems more than excited about it. And, with so many great characters returning, how could it be anything but a thrill ride?