Is Kevin Costner’s New ‘National Parks’ Series Connected to ‘Yellowstone’?

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary leading man Kevin Costner will soon have a new television show in his repertoire: The highly-anticipated series “National Parks.”

An exact start for the one-hour drama is not yet known, but ABC recently greenlighted the project to move forward. The show will come from Costner’s Territory Pictures Entertainment, along with 20th Television and A+E Studios.

National Parks will follow a group of elite National Park Service law enforcers as they work to solve crimes and protect America’s beautiful park system. While the National Park System draws millions upon millions of visitors each, it isn’t a stranger to crime. Most parks have their own law enforcement agency to protect the federal lands from harm.

The parks are home to pristine views of nature, extraordinary wildlife and an abundance of natural resources. The most visited National Park in the country is Great Smoky Mountain National Park, which sees more than 11 million visitors each year. They also offer a great deal of seclusion, which can attract criminals wanting to get away from the public.

The project is Costner’s second major television series in the past few years. He also stars in Paramount Network’s hit modern Western TV series “Yellowstone.”

Kevin Costner Gearing Up for ‘Yellowstone’ Season Four

On Yellowstone, Costner plays John Dutton, the patriarch of the powerful Montana ranching family, the Duttons. John is a grizzled cowboy with little tolerance for tomfoolery and nonsense. He is the owner and operator of Yellowstone Ranch, one of the largest ranches in Montana. Though his cattle ranch business has fallen on hard times, he has made clear he will fight to keep what is his. He certainly a man who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty or assigning a ranch hand to a tough task to help the family.

There is a mystery regarding John’s status for the upcoming season. He was last seen being shot in the chest by an unknown ambusher. While fans hope he is still alive, nothing has been confirmed with the new season beginning this summer.

Yellowstone is also the name of a heavily popular National Park. It naturally begs the question of will “Yellowstone” and “National Parks” be connected? Is it possible that Costner will play John Dutton in National Parks? Will the two shows have any other tie-ins?

The short answer is that we simply do not know as of yet. National Parks is in its infant stage, while Yellowstone is about to start its fourth season.

One thing is for sure — Yellowstone fans would love to see the Duttons continue on to another show. Could that show be National Parks?

Hopefully, we will find out in the near future.