Kevin Costner Posts Fan Pic of His Record, Looks Forward to Upcoming Return to Live Music

by Atlanta Northcutt

Kevin Costner is a true Renaissance man. The Yellowstone star is an actor, director, and producer. However, the star has taken it up a notch by adding something new to his resume. What might that be? Well, a musician, of course!

Kevin Costner proudly posted a photo on Instagram that one of his fans had taken of his album. You can hear the excitement and happiness in his voice in the post’s caption.

He writes, “Love getting pictures like this from you guys. I’m honored to know that you’ve made a place in your homes for our music 🙏🏻 We get to perform some tracks from #TalesFromYellowstone live for the first time this weekend at @outlawsandlegends…will we see you there?”

Obviously, Costner is pretty pumped about his band’s upcoming show at the venue Outlaws and Legends located in Abilene, TX. He is hoping to have a packed house, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

Wives Are Always Right

Costner’s wife was clever enough to realize the pain her husband felt from giving up his earlier musical career. His wife, Christine Baumgartner, found pieces of music that had been made with Kevin’s friends John Coinman and Blair Forward. She gently pushed him into thinking about getting back into the scene.

“I kind of hemmed and hawed about all of it and kind of avoided it,” Costner says. “For two years she kept after me to do it because she saw how much I enjoyed doing it. And finally, I said that I would.”

Costner says he reached out to friends Coinman and Forward, telling them, “Look, I’d like to just make music wherever I’m making movies.”

“I want to do original music. I have no plans above and beyond that,” he continues. “‘Do you want to do that?’ And they said, ‘yeah.”

Some musical friends were called and all of a sudden a brand new band was in the works. Kevin Costner & Modern West falls into the Americana genre. Due to the 66-year-old star’s movies, the name fits with his characters in Dances With Wolves, Bull Durham, and even Field of Dreams.

“And nine years later, it’s not a vanity project with me,” Costner says. “We get on the bus. We go, and we do what every band ever has to do, except I guess I don’t have to do it. I enjoy playing music live. Not wild about the bus. Not wild about stumbling into my hotel room.”

“But I’m a performer at my core,” he continues. “That’s what I do. And there’s no better way to test yourself than to play live.”