Kevin Costner Posts Phone Number, Invites ‘Yellowstone’ Fans To Text Him

by Outsider

Kevin Costner wants you to text him. No, really.

The Yellowstone star took to his official Instagram page to share his phone number. This was all in a bid to invite fans to send him text messages.

The number is available as part of a video that beckons fans to “Text Me” as well as the number itself: 310-564-0506.

“I’ve loved your excitement surrounding both Yellowstone and my new album #TalesFromYellowstone so much that I found a way to talk to fans directly,” Kevin Costner wrote in addition to his Instagram post.

“You can now text me, and it’s really me!, at +1 (310) 564-0506. 📱 Ask me anything about my music, movies, and other work, and I’ll respond when I can from time to time. Can’t wait to chat!”

Of course, this isn’t Costner’s “real” phone number. It’s a service specifically set up for fans to receive text messages under Costner’s name. If you do send a message, you’ll be asked if you’re alright with subscribing to the text service.

Regardless, it’s a cool way for the Yellowstone actor to reach out to those who follow him and the show.

Still, if Kevin Costner asks you to text him, it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and do so.

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