Kevin Costner Reveals Which Legendary Actor’s Voice Sticks With Him From Childhood Memories

by Halle Ames

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner reveals which iconic actor’s voice he would want to narrate his life.

In an Instagram video for Hearheredotcom from November 9, Costner is seen in John Dutton, cowboy attire, while sitting on the back of a truck bed.

Kevin Costner As a Young Boy

The image switches to Costner, sitting at a bench in the middle of a wooded area. He now wears a navy quarter-zip shirt. The Yellowstone patriarch is asked who he would choose to narrate the story of his life. He also touches on the movie that impacted him as a young boy.

“Well, I could tell you the first time I ever heard narration in my life. It was probably 1962, I was seven-year-old, and I went to see the movie ‘How the West Was Won’ and it was a four-hour long movie. I didn’t move, I was thrilled by the whole story, and the first voice I heard come up was Spencer Tracy, and he was talking about the map of America, and he said, ‘long before there were roads, before there were all these markers that designated states, it was just rivers. It was just mountains.'”

The idea appealed to Costner, especially when it comes to the western cowboy he now plays in Yellowstone.

“As a seven-year-old, the idea of that, yeah, before all these cities, these were places untouched. It was like the Garden of Eden, if you will, and that voice was Spencer Tracy, so I guess– he was a legendary actor. A voice all his own, so I guess if there was going to be a voice, it would be Spencer.”

Spencer Tracy and His Memorable Voice

Spencer Tracy was born in 1900 and was one of Hollywood’s Golden Age’s most prominent actors. In addition, the Wisconsin native was nominated as Best Actor at the Academy Awards nine times and won two of them consecutively. Tracy completed his last of 75 films, ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ just 17 days before his death in 1967.