Kevin Costner Reveals What Drew Him Into Taking On ‘Yellowstone’

by Lauren Boisvert

Ever wonder what led Kevin Costner to “Yellowstone”? Us too. He’s done his fair share of Westerns, and he seems, truly, like a cowboy at heart. But he doesn’t often do television. So, what was it about “Yellowstone” that enticed him so? He answered that question specifically in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter and his castmates on the set of season 5.

When asked what drew him to “Yellowstone” and John Dutton, Costner replied, “Well, it just starts with the writing. I sound like a broken record, but that’s where it starts for me.” Earlier this month, he also explained the massive appeal of the Western genre, not only for him but for the country.

He continued, “We are in the entertainment industry; does it have a chance to entertain? Does it have a chance to be great? We only have so many choices in our artistic life. And I, you know, I’m never surprised if something is good. What you never know [is] if something’s going to have runaway success.”

So, it seems like Kevin Costner asks himself a few questions before he commits to a part. He wants to know what the chances of success are, plus the chances of artistic fulfillment. He wants to entertain, and no one wants to be part of a bad project. Costner weighs the pros and cons, and with “Yellowstone,” it seems like the pros won out. Good thing, too; we can’t imagine anyone else playing John Dutton at this point.

Kevin Costner Shares What Drew Him to ‘Yellowstone,’ Plus How He Just Keeps Getting Better Over the Years

Earlier this month, Kelly Reilly commented on how talented Kevin Costner is, and how he’s gotten better with age. She spoke with The Wrap about how good Costner has gotten over the years, especially in his role as John Dutton.

“You’re only as good as the other actors that you’re in a scene with,” she said, “and Kevin [Costner] is just so charismatic, and he can just break your heart with his stillness. He’s got such a weight to him now as he’s older, I love just seeing the lines on his face.”

Kevin Costner has aged like a fine wine, if I’ve said it once I’ll say it a thousand times. He’s always been talented and eloquent, but it feels like he’s grown so much spiritually and personally through his portrayal of John Dutton. He does have a certain quietness, a soft-spoken-ness about him that lends itself to the character in amazing ways. When Kevin Costner speaks, whether it’s to talk about “Yellowstone” or just to comment on the color of the sky, you listen.

Costner has a power behind him, in his voice and facial expressions as John Dutton. But this power is unassuming until you’re on the receiving end of it. Then, you better square up or get out of the way.