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Kevin Costner Says John Dutton Owes His ‘Allies’ Big Time in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

by Megan Molseed
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

The fifth season of Yellowstone has taken off the last few weeks full of equally moving and intense moments as the Dutton family and those operating within their worlds struggle with drama that has become synonymous with the popular neo-western drama series. One of this season’s biggest plot points, of course, is John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) newest role as governor of Montana.

Of course, much of John Dutton’s world is based on allies and enemies. All of whom drive the happenings at the iconic Yellowstone Ranch which is run in a ruthlessly efficient manner by Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. And, as Costner explains it, these relationships can be fluid as the series progresses.

Sometimes an ally can turn into a source of conflict…or vice-versa depending on what is happening in the Yellowstone world. This is exactly how John Dutton needs things to be, too notes Costner.

“John has interesting allies,” Kevin Costner says in a recent interview following the latest episode installment of the show’s fifth season. Kevin Costner adds that at some points in the series these longtime allies will be strong advocates for Dutton’s goals. Other times, however, things can change drastically.

“At some points, they are in direct conflict,” Costner adds. “And some points they are allies.”

One of these characters made a big reappearance during this week’s installment, creating a tough situation at the Dutton home on many levels. Including between this character and John Dutton’s only daughter, Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton.

‘Yellowstone’s Piper Perabo Discusses the Return of Her Summer Higgins Character in Season 5

In a recent Yellowstone episode, fans see the return of Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins. John Dutton picks her up from prison and the events that unfold reflect the ever-changing relationship dynamics between the show’s characters.

“When John comes to pick me up from the prison, you know it’s kind of an uneven playing field as it is,” Piper Perabo reflects of the storyline as Kevin Costner’s John Dutton retrieves her from prison.

“And now he’s the Governor of Montana,” the actress adds. “So I don’t think Summer really trusts him at the beginning.”

Of course, the biggest conflict that Perabo’s character is facing is Kevin Costner’s on-screen daughter, the unrelenting Beth Dutton. She sent Summer to prison to begin with. And, Beth is certainly not happy to see Summer return. Especially to the Dutton’s home on the Yellowstone Ranch.

“[My character] was hoping that she and Rip would be long gone by now,” Perabo relates. “But they’ve only settled in more permanently.”

“There seems to be a lack of communication between the family,” Kelly Reilly says of the Yellowstone plot point.

“Beth isn’t told that Summer is being moved in by her father,” Reilly adds. “Sometimes I think Taylor [Sheridan] is having fun with all these characters and setting them up to react in ways.”