Kevin Costner’s ‘Yellowstone’ Co-star Danny Huston Joins Cast of His Upcoming Western

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo via Paramount Press Center

Kevin Costner has officially recruited another former castmate to star in his upcoming Civil War-era western, Horizon.

Yellowstone star Danny Huston has joined the cast, which is currently filming in Utah, according to Deadline. As of yet, details on his role are still under wraps.

Horizon follows 15 years of America’s western expansion, picking up prior to the Civil War and carrying through the years after the South fell to the North. The audience will see the story through the eyes of several major characters. And staying true to history, each of those characters will go through perilous, dramatic journeys as they make their way to start what they believe will be a better life in a lawless territory. Along the way, they’ll battle weather, meet indigenous people, and face the other challenges of traversing the country in a wagon train.

Jena Malone and Will Patton are two other actors who have worked with Kevin Costner in the past. Malone played alongside him as Heather Aubrey in the 1991 flick For the Love of the Game. And Patton played General Bethlehem in Costner’s 1997 film, The Postman.

Danny Huston Starred Alongside Kevin Costner in ‘Yellowstone’s Seasons 1 & 2

Huston played Dan Jenkins for two seasons on Yellowstone. Jenkins was a real estate developer and villain who had different plans for the vast lands of Montana than the Duttons. In the end, he made a truce with both the powerful family and Thomas Rainwater. But, unfortunately, Jenkins did not mend ways with the Beck brothers, who paid a hitman to do away with him.

In 2019, Huston admitted that the writers had to kill his character off to make way for the better, more conniving adversaries that we’ve met in the more recent seasons. But he admitted that he played an interesting foe while was around.

“Dan Jenkins really in a sense is a character who’s an outsider,” he told TV Insider. “And he’s a sort of eco-friendly land developer who believes that he can bring the dream of this grand landscape and very majestic palate to people who wouldn’t see it otherwise. But the mere fact of him being an outsider means that he’s going to create a certain amount of antagonism with the real cowboys, cowboys that city boys want to be.”

Huston has played in several films and series since leaving Yellowstone, including Succession and The Crow. Most recently, he wrapped up production in Consecration, which also stars Malone.

Horizon will also star Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jamie Campbell Bower, Luke Wilson, and Thomas Haden Church. Kevin Costner, who is starring in, writing, and directing the film, has yet to announce a release date.