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Ladies of ‘Yellowstone’ & ‘1883’ Join Forces for Epic Bar Hangout in Texas: PHOTO

by Samantha Whidden
Yellowstone 1883 ladies get together
(Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Earlier this week, Wendy Moniz, who plays former Governor Lynelle Perry on Yellowstone, took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her female castmates as well as an 1883 cast member, while out at a bar in Texas. 

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“We got the horses in the back,” the Yellowstone actress captioned the picture, which featured the show’s co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s wife Nicole as well as Kelsey Asbille and 1883 star Dawn Olivieri. “[Throwback] that time in Texas.”

Moniz previously opened up about Yellowstone and what is unique about her role in the western TV series. “I got the scripting and in the first season and the first few seasons I had, you see a little bit of a connection with John Dutton,” she explained to Monsters and Critics in 2020. “And then mostly you’re in this political world. It was really foreign to me. A lot of the script was like the language that they were speaking.” 

The Yellowstone actress also said that it felt like the script had another language in it that seemed very new to her. “Like the way the laws are with the livestock commission and what was going on with the reservations. My audition was not huge, but I just felt like I needed to really research what was going on.”

Moniz also admitted she had to Google the region’s governors to understand what she was in for. “Mostly I just looked up what it was, what goes on in that part of the country. It felt like I was so not versed in any of it and felt kind of ignorant about it. And I thought it was fictional.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Wendy Moniz Talks About the Chemistry Between Her Character and Kevin Costner’s John Dutton 

Meanwhile, Wendy Moniz stated that she loves the chemistry her character has with Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. 

“I love that aspect of the story,” the actress stated. “And it’s something that it’s on the page to a degree. You get a little bit of a bit of their background about how they’ve known each other for a long time.”

Moniz also said the Yellowstone characters have a connection when it comes to the great loss both of them have dealt with. Her character loses her husband and Dutton also loses his wife. “Then obviously there’s all of these politics and the family connections, so the love part of it is it is interesting. It’s outside of the box. I think that they really are attracted to each other.”

Moniz went on to add that she believes both characters care deeply for each other. However, she believes there’s a sadness with them. “Because they can never quite get over those people that were their true loves.”