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Lainey Wilson Declares ‘Yellowstone’ Has ‘Single-Handedly Made the Western Way of Life Cool Again’

by Samantha Whidden
Lainey Wilson on Yellowstone
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for ACM)

While chatting about her time on Yellowstone, Lainey Wilson gushed about the hit series’ impact on society these days.

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During her recent chat with Cowboys and Indians earlier this month, Wilson couldn’t help but constantly praise the hit series for its impact on viewers. “Yellowstone has single-handedly made the Western way of life cool again,” Lainey explained. “It should have never not been cool.”

Lainey Wilson then said that Yellowstone made country music fans out of people who might not have listened to the music genre before. “It’s crazy to think a show can have that much impact, but Yellowstone has changed the game.”

Meanwhile, Lainey Wilson spoke about how Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan recruited her to guest star on the show’s Season 5. She recalled receiving a phone call from Sheridan in February 2022 after performing a private concert for the show’s cast and crew. The singer and songwriter noted that Sheridan wanted to create a character specifically for her. “I would get to sing my own songs and wear my bell bottoms,” she said. 

Lainey Wilson Refused to Pass Up on the Opportunity to Appear on ‘Yellowstone’

Although she didn’t have any real acting experience at the time, Lainey Wilson said she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to appear on Yellowstone. “I had so much fun getting a chance to be creative in a different way and learned that I just love being creative in general,” Wilson declared. “Whether it’s singing, writing music, acting, dancing, you name it.”

Also speaking about venturing out into the unknown for her role, Wilson said, “We aren’t growing if we aren’t stepping outside our comfort zones and doing things that are just plain scary. I never knew I would end up on Yellowstone, or acting for that matter, but I knew if there were ever any chance of me sharing my music with the world, I would do it — no matter how scary.”

Wilson notably has had seven of her songs appear on Yellowstone. She also said that more than likely other songs will get featured in future episodes. Among the songs featured on the show is Smell Like Smoke, Hold My Halo, New Friends, and Watermelon Sunshine. 

Wilson also spoke about New Friends and how the song was a key fit for Yellowstone. “I felt all sorts of emotions during the time,” she said about writing the song during the COVID-19 pandemic. “So I decided to channel that heartbreak as much as possible.”

Lainey went on to add that writing the song felt like ‘one last cry’ for her. “It was therapy for me that day, and now every time I sing the song, I’m reminded that time heals all wounds,” she said. “Even those you think will never heal.”