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LaMonica Garrett Shares ‘1883’ Episode 4 News on Instagram

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Alright, y’all. In case you didn’t catch the news, episode 4 of 1883 did not air this week on Paramount+. LaMonica Garrett kept fans posted.

So far this season viewers have gotten to know a bit about the Pinkerton agents, Thomas and Shea. Garrett’s character Thomas is one that is going to be a fan favorite if he isn’t already. He doesn’t talk a lot, but when he does it is usually insightful, witty, a mix of both, or at the very least revealing.

It makes sense that the actor that plays him has been interacting and informing fans as the season goes on. Those that were up waiting after Yellowstone last night for a new episode of 1883 were likely surprised unless they keep up with Garrett’s Instagram. Those that keep up knew that a special behind-the-scenes show would air detailing the work that went into making the series.

During the season fans have been entertained, they have been surprised, and clearly, they can’t wait to see more. Taylor Sheridan built an entire world with his new show. That means wagons, horses, cattle, real cowboy work, and a lot more.

A new episode of 1883 is scheduled to air next Sunday at the normal time. So, while the show takes a small break, it isn’t anything that fans should worry about long-term.

‘1883’ Special ‘The Road West’ Shows the Making of the Show

If you happened to tune into the special episode last night, then you were in for quite a treat. We have heard a lot about all that went into making 1883. But, to get to see it and then hear from the cast about the behind-the-scenes stuff that went into the show is special.

This show is as Western as it gets. Perhaps the show is too good for its own good. Because judging by some of the reactions when a new episode didn’t come up last night, there were folks upset. It isn’t going to be that long though. Just a one-week break until the season continues. These fans will be complaining the season went by too quickly when it’s all said and done. 1883 is just so intriguing.

LaMonica Garrett Says the Writing Makes His Character Special

Another aspect of the show that fans have heard a lot about is the writing. Clearly, through three episodes, there has been a lot of that confirmed. Fans love the storytelling so far and can’t wait for more.

1883 star LaMonica Garrett said there were two big parts to the script that were missing. That’s what made all the difference for the actor. “The one thing I loved about these scripts and Taylor’s writing for this Black cowboy, slavery was never mentioned. You know, the N-bomb was never dropped.”

Instead, Garrett gets to play a Black cowboy. He focuses on the reality of the character and makes the best of it.