Live Reaction to Yellowstone’s S4 Trailer (SPOILERS)

by Wes Blankenship
(Photo credit: Paramount Network Press Site)

I just finished Yellowstone’s third season minutes ago.

Embarrassingly late to the game? You be the judge. I don’t have time to binge-watch shows like I once did.

As a result, I spent the last several days locked in a battle with links to this trailer. Log on to Twitter: Boom. The algorithm identified me as a target.

YouTube: Hey Wes! You’ll like this.

Someone should invent an app that blocks all spoilers if it doesn’t exist already.

Anyway, My Time is Here

It’s time to see what the buzz is all about and give my live reaction to Yellowstone’s S4 trailer. If you haven’t seen the series up to this point, look away. I’m your spoiler-blocker.

First thought: why did John Dutton admit that he is John Dutton, of Yellowstone fame, to a stranger in a van? There was a young, impressionable mind looking for lug nuts nearby. That’s human-van-relations 101. It probably didn’t matter. The trigger man was ready to kick open that door and fire away regardless.

The trailer’s next scene replays Beth’s office bomb. If that assistant somehow survived, she is so fired.

I believe Kayce has to be okay. That desk is made of sturdy deciduous wood. Oak, perhaps. Plus, he has to run for governor.

Elsewhere, Rip is Concerned

When Rip tells you not do die on him, you listen. His initials are literally R.I.P. He will let you know when it’s ok to expire.

A blackbird just landed near John Dutton. At face value, that’s an issue. But I choose to believe that Kevin Costner’s bloody ‘thumbs-up’ – repeated multiple times in the trailer – is a good sign / foreshadowing.

The Weight of All This Carnage Visibly Weighs on Jamie

Maybe he is finally ready to save the Yellowstone ranch. Or maybe it’s because he’s the only member of his adopted family that’s still alive. I don’t believe his real dad, Will Patton, wants to rally the forces in “Remember-The-Titans-Esque” fashion.

The elder Randall literally just encouraged Jamie to take over the empire by “killing the king” in season three’s finale. Jamie’s soul-searching appears bound to continue, at least for a little while, in season four.

“There is no such thing,” as right or wrong, Randall says. Beth introduced that Nietzsche theme at the end of season three. It isn’t going anywhere.

Roarke and Company Obviously Have Hell to Pay

Josh Holloway already took on eternity as Sawyer in “Lost.” I have a feeling his character’s finale will be more satisfying for the Dutton parties involved than that series finale was for its viewers.

I’m not bitter about that. I’m just ready to see how it all plays out. And if this trailer was any indication, season four will bring more fire and a rainstorm of bullets.

Speaking of rain – Thomas Rainwater hardly shows up in this Yellowstone trailer at all. I’ve seen plenty of highly-anticipated trailers. That definitely means he has a huge part to play, and they’re baiting-and-switching us. Absolutely anything can happen. And I’m so glad I don’t have to wait as long as all of y’all did to find out.

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Yellowstone kicks off with a two-hour Paramount Network premiere on November 7th.