LOOK: ‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Posts Badass Behind the Scenes Shot From New Movie

by Sean Griffin

LaMonica Garrett, who stars as Thomas in the Yellowstone prequel 1883, just posted a badass behind-the-scenes picture to Instagram from the set of his new movie.

The actor adorns a sheriff costume and poses in front of a large green screen with rapper Quavo of the group Migos and Martin Sensmeier, who plays Sam in 1883. While Garrett is in costume, Sensmeir wears street clothes alongside the rapper.

“🗣I’m still the law round here…!,” the actor began his caption. “Whole project filmed on green screen.
(Sin City) Very cool, very different experience. Gotta turn that imagination up 💯 ‘TAKEOVER.”

The movie, according to Yahoo!, is called Takeover. According to the outlet, “Garrett portrays Sheriff ‘Herc’ Hitchens, public enemy #1 in the takeover community. Herc is a sadistic officer, whose life mission is to shut down the illegal racing scene and its major players — especially Guy Miller (Quavo), a recent parolee who’s attempting to rehabilitate his life when circumstances propel him back into Atlanta’s dangerous takeover scene.”

He tagged the location as Atlanta, Georgia, home to a burgeoning film industry.

Fans quickly reacted to the post in the comment section. “Gonna be 🔥🔥🔥,” one person wrote.

“Doesn’t seem to matter what uniform you put on…🔥🔥,” another person wrote.

“Any project you’re in, we’re watching and supporting 👑, no questions asked!” another added.

Martin Sensmeir also commented on the post, writing: “💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽.” We’ll have to see when the mo

LaMonica Garrett’s Interesting Path to Stardom

Garrett hasn’t always been an actor. Before landing his breakout role as Deputy Sheriff Cane in Sons of Anarchy, Garrett hadn’t acted much. In fact, Garrett had just two television appearances before landing the role as Deputy Sheriff Cane. First, in back in 2002, Garrett was a contestant on the show Dog Eat Dog. He waited another six years before returning to television screens. In his first acting role, Garrett was cast as Jerome in one episode of One Tree Hill called “Sympathy for the Devil.”

LaMonica Garrett was a football player before acting. He first played at a junior college in Los Angeles as a linebacker. Then, he moved across the country to Ohio to play at Central State University. At one point, he was the team’s leading tackler. Despite having workouts with the Detroit Lions and the then-St. Louis Rams post-graduation, he was never picked up by an NFL team.

He moved back to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and entertainment. While there, he began playing Slamball, a hybrid sport between football and basketball. It also involves the use of trampolines. His time as a Slamball star led to his guest appearances on shows like One Tree Hill and CSI: Miami.

Eventually, he landed his major role in Sons of Anarchy, and his career took off from there. Since then, he’s played in Designated SurvivorPrimal1883, and different films in the Arrowverse.