LOOK: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Breaks in New Season 5 Saddle in Perfect Montana Mountain Snap

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s own Rip Wheeler, Cole Hauser, is back in business filming Season 5, and he’s got a fantastic new saddle to boot.

Not just any saddle, either. In his latest Instagram post, Hauser thanks Andy Maschke for his “badass saddle this year on YS5.”

If you know that name, then you know it means Hauser has been equipped with the finest saddle possible. Andreas Maschke is a craftsman unlike any other who produces the finest saddles you’ll find in any lifetime. And who better to rock one than the Yellowstone fan favorite?

“Peace and serenity in the mountains of Montana,” Hauser begins his post; a gorgeous shot of Montana featuring himself in character as Rip. “Thank to [Andy] Maschke for my badass saddle this year on YS5.”

“What a day,” his closest co-star, Kelly Reilly, comments with a heart. If there’s one thing the Rip Wheeler actor will always have, it’s the Beth Dutton actress’ seal of approval. Their characters have been through hell and back together, and the undeniable chemistry between these two elevates their on-screen relationship to unmatched heights.

Plenty More Rip & Beth Chemistry to Come with ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

And there’s plenty more of that chemistry for fans to look forward to with Rip & Beth as Season 5 approaches. While filming earlier this summer, Cole Hauser touched on Rip and Beth’s appeal with American audiences, and why he feels fans are so eager to see more come the November 13 premiere.

“I feel like, the reason why at least they’ve fallen in love with us and Taylor [Sheridan’s] writing of us – Beth and Rip – is that they’re not perfect. And nothing in reality is perfect,” Hauser began. “You can make these romantic stories of love at first sight and then the sun sets and all these gorgeous things. But the reality is that I feel like the audiences, especially here in America, they look at these two and they go ‘you know what? There’s something I can relate to,'” he added of the imperfect pair.

“I think Taylor found that heartbeat. And then he saw that Kelly and I enjoy playing that, and that we take risks together. That we want to push the envelope, and that we love that. That’s what we’re here for,” Hauser explained.

But the Yellowstone favorite was quick to clarify “it starts with Taylor, obviously.”

Then, “It goes into our hearts and it comes out of our mouths. We’ve just been really fortunate that way.”

Cole Hauser will return as Rip Wheeler, and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton alongside, this November 13 as Yellowstone Season 5 premieres exclusively on Paramount Network.