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LOOK: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Gets to Work During ‘Another Beautiful Day’ in Montana

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Yellowstone season five is now underway on the Paramount network. However, one of the show’s fan-favorite stars is giving us a throwback pic from this summer while filming the series in Montana. In a recent Insta post, Finn Little who portrays Carter in the popular drama series shares a pic of himself on the Yellowstone set in July, enjoying the Montana sun while donning full cowboy gear for the popular series.

“TBT: July 2022,” the star comments on his official Instagram page.

“Another beautiful day,” Finn Little continues noting he was with the other stars of the series while on the Montana set filming season five.

Yes, That’s Still Finn Little Portraying Carter In This Latest Season of Yellowstone

When the fifth season of Yellowstone hit the airwaves just a few weeks ago, fans were shocked by the major changes as the new season gets underway. Fans were particularly shocked by the changes they saw in one particular character.

It turns out that Finn Little wasn’t looking so “little” anymore as he plays young Carter in the popular neo-western drama series. Fans were shocked by the growth-spurt transformation Little had over the hiatus. Even Kevin Costner’s John Dutton has a few things to say about it.

The newest season of Yellowstone began a few weeks ago. And, as this got underway, many fans expressed theories that Finn Little had been replaced by another actor for the role of Carter. However, this is absolutely not the case. “We’re just seeing the actor grow up just as his character on the popular series would.

The Series Doesn’t Ignore The Obvious, Making Little’s Growth Spurt A Part Of the Series

When fans first met Finn Little’s Yellowstone character last season, he was a pre-teen. Settling in at the Dutton Ranch headed by Kevin Costner’s John Dutton.

Carter was a precocious young boy in those early episodes. A young kid dealing with a variety of issues thrown at him making his life more difficult than most. However, when he showed up in season five, the problems were still there, but the kid was clearly growing up. The series even chose to address this change head-on, creating an exchange between Carter and John Dutton that we all appreciate.

When John Dutton first sees Carter in the new season he is shocked by the boy’s growth spurt.

“Jesus Christ, it’s been a while,” the Dutton Ranch patriarch says in the scene.

“Quit eatin’ the fertilizer,” Kevin Costner quips.“Quit growin’.” Statements to which Carter simply replies “Why?”

“Because it freaks me out,” John responds

“You’re a livin’ reminder of how much time I don’t have,” Dutton explains. “If you grow a beard, you’re fired.”

“No beards. Got it,” the Yellowstone character agrees…a moment that even pulls a very rare smile from John Dutton’s lips.