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LOOK: ‘Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Has Gone Fishin’ in the Everglades

by Taylor Cunningham
Ryan Bingham
(Photo by Per Ole Hagen/Redferns)

Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham traded one paradise for another this week. While on a filming hiatus away from the picturesque views of Montana’s mountain ranges, he decided to take a fishing trip to Florida’s Everglades.

On Thursday (March 9), The actor and singer recently posted a photo of himself cruising through the national park’s marshes at sunset in a small metal boat. In front of a firey orange sky, he posed, thumbs up, next to a bucket full of bait.

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“Somewhere in the Everglades…” he wrote.

Bingham has voiced several times that he loves trading in the big cities for spots like the Everglades. So the fishing trip is exactly what we’d expect during his break.

Ryan Bingham Details his Love For Montana and His Hooved ‘Yellowstone’ Costar

Along with playing Walker on the Paramount series, Bingham is also an Oscar-winning country musician who frequently hits the road for tours. While he loves the fast pace and crowds of cities, he enjoys getting breaks from the noise, which was one of the more appealing reasons he took his spot on Yellowstone.

While talking to Cowboys and IndiansBingham explained that he’s fallen in love with Montana since beginning his stint on the series, and he always looks forward to heading back.

“I really love staying in Montana for the summer while we shoot and just being in one place,” he shared.

Yellowstone really gives me a chance to slow things down,” he added. “It helps me get back on horses, back to nature, back to seeing food grow out of the ground and what it takes to do that.” 

Rural, peaceful living isn’t new to Ryan Bingham, though. The star was raised in the country, and he grew accustomed to nature and cowboy life.

For the series, Bingham was even able to claim a horse that he now calls his “partner in crime.” The grey gelding, named Ironside, stars with him in Season 5.

The actor described Ironside as a sweet and gentle giant, and he admitted he “absolutely fell in love” with the horse. The duo filmed several roping and riding scenes, and Ironside always “took really good care” of him in the process.

“That’s definitely in my body and something I really appreciate about the show,” he added. “Working with horses is a very humbling thing. They’re so strong and powerful yet at the same such empathetic, sensitive creatures.”