Luke Grimes Dives Deep into How ‘Yellowstone’ Has Changed ‘Every Aspect’ of His Life

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Luke Grimes is preparing for the fifth season of Yellowstone. The show changed his life, and in a new interview with Gear Patrol, he’s opening up about that impact. Kayce Dutton has worked his way into Luke Grimes’s real life. Now he resides in Big Sky Country.

“I mean, 100 percent,” Luke Grimes said of the character’s influence on his own life. “It’s a big influence on pretty much every aspect of my life. I’d say most importantly, I’d never been to Montana before doing Yellowstone. Now I live there – I’ve lived there for two and a half years. And that’s obviously such a huge change because I lived in LA before. So that’s informed every part of my life possible.”

The character also changed Luke Grimes’s personal style.

“And, I wear cowboy boots a lot now and that’s something I never wore before,” he said. “I didn’t know that I would like wearing them and they tend to sort of just work out for everything that I do day to day. I like to wear things that I can go outside and do some things or go out to dinner or something that can work for everything. And so cowboy boots do that.”

Kayce Dutton has taught Luke Grimes a lot.

“I think anytime you play someone – anything I’ve ever done – you end up learning enough about a certain different lifestyle that you can appreciate different parts of it,” Luke Grimes said. “And having played Kayce for five years now, I think this has influenced me more than any other character I’ve ever played.”

‘Yellowstone’s’ Luke Grimes Reveals That He is Pursuing Country Music

During the conversation, Luke Grimes also revealed that’s pursuing a country music career in Nashville.

“I’d never been to Music Row in Nashville before,” Luke Grimes said. “I didn’t understand how this town works. And it’s been really amazing just seeing how the community of Nashville is. You go on a lot of co-writes, getting in rooms of people you’ve never met, and you spend a day trying to come up with something out of nothing. It’s a really amazing way to spend the day. I enjoy it a lot.”

While Luke Grimes has been on a lot of co-writes, he’s also working on music by himself.

“I’m also just writing some stuff on my own,” he said. “It’s sort of just a process of trial and error at this point to kind of figure out where in that spectrum does my music lie? You know, you’ve got guys that will only ever write every word themselves. And then you have people that have never written a song become very successful in country music and where am I going to be there? I’m just trying not to judge it too much or get in its’ way; I’m just trying to make something that’s honestly, organically me. I’m right in the middle of that process right now.”